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Friday April 28, 2006 3:09 pm

Who Should The Houston Texans Take First?  NOT Reggie Bush!

Posted by Dennis Velasco Categories: Athletes, Drafts, Editorial, NFL,

Mario Williams Causing HavocIf you’re a regular reader here at Endscore, then you know my feelings on what the Houston Texans should do, especially considering the presence of a young proven running back already in the Texans fold - Domanick Davis.  The Texans do not need Reggie Bush and would simply be taking on excess.  Granted, that’s some great excess there when you put into perspective the tools that Bush would bring.  However, arguably, he wasn’t even the best back for the USC Trojans this past season - LenDale White was in my opinion.  And, apparently, factoring in Pete Carroll’s play calling and personnel choices used during the National Chmapionship game against the Texas Longhorns in January, Carroll agrees.

Ideally, the Texans should trade down and grab an offensive lineman, most notably D’Brickashaw Ferguson, so that they can give QB David Carr a real chance to shine and not feel his helmet pounded into the grass or turf on every other offensive play.  But, for argument’s sake, if they didn’t trade the pick, the Texans should take defensive end, Mario Williams.

Wait, before you blow a gasket, consider that Bush would probably be a punt and kick returner primarily (okay, potentially a very good one) to begin with, and maybe get 10 or so touches out of the backfield, is Bush really going to be worth #1 overall money?  No.  Unless he takes the job away from Davis, which I sincerely doubt because Davis has rushed for over 1000 yards twice in his three year career (came up just short in his third season last year) and can also catch the ball out of the backfield with very good production.  At best, Bush will take about one-third of the carries as to keep himself fresh from the pounding he’d be sure to take considering how bad the Texans O-Line is.  So, altogether, that’s going to be about 15 or so touches a game.

Now, Williams, whose been compared to Reggie White, the best defensive linemen in the history of the game, is versatile enough to attack the run, penetrating through the line and tackle for a loss, and the play the pass, putting up pressures in his stat line or just plain old making the opposing QB eat dirt.  He’s tall (6’7”), big (295 lbs.), has long arms, and quick with the ability to explode and make plays all over the field.  Granted he’s still raw, but that’s it… he’s still raw.  Taught proper technique and working on his motor, Williams will be a FORCE on defense.  He could make the same kind of impact Julius Peppers (another player he is compared to) did in his rookie season when he finished with a dozen sacks in a dozen games.  Williams has the upside to be an elite pass rusher.  And, let’s face it, HE fills a need.

And when was the last time the Texans could boast a player like Williams?  If Bush happens to rush for over 1000 yards and score double digit touchdowns, guess what?  The Texans current running back, Domanick Davis has done that already.  And, he’s primed to do it again.  Shantee Orr led the team last year in sacks with 7.0.

I’d be willing to bet that Williams can get at least 10.

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