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Saturday June 26, 2010 4:28 am

Zambrano blows lid again

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, MLB,

Carlos ZambranoAs Carlos Zambrano threw the water cooler down to the floor in anger, fans in U.S. Cellular Field cheered. At least half the city of Chicago has something to cheer about. Tough times seem to be a recurring theme for the Chicago Cubs, and Friday’s interleague game against their south side rivals was no different. The Cubs’ 6-0 loss to the White Sox was the latest in what has been a fall that now sees the Cubs with a 32-41 record.

Zambrano was lifted after just one inning that consisted of just 21 pitches; the shortest start of his career. However, the reason for his quick exit was not the fact that he had given up four runs in that rocky first, but the heated argument (to put it lightly) between Zambrano and first baseman Derrek Lee. After having to be separated by teammates and coaches after a yelling match, Zambrano went into the clubhouse for the night.

Lots of fans like the idea of seeing their players get angry or emotional. Watching a player screw up on the field and laugh moments later annoys fans like nothing else. However, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry sees it differently. Zambrano was suspended for his behavior by Hendry and Cubs coach Lou Piniella completely backed up the decision. Much of the team expectedly claimed that they didn’t see the play in question that Zambrano and Lee appeared to be arguing about, and therefore had no opinion.

Zambrano definitely crossed a line. Getting angry is fine. Taking it out on a teammate is not. We don’t know what exactly Zambrano and Lee were arguing about, but if you watch the replay of their argument, you can clearly tell that the words that Lee was saying to Zambrano were definitely not the kind he would share with his mother. The Cubs are having enough trouble these days without internal battles. If they can’t pull themselves together as a team, their season may be over well before they know it.



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