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Thursday September 17, 2009 9:02 pm

True Predictions: New England Patriots, Brett Favre, Dallas Cowboys, Jay Leno

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, NFL,

Adrian Peterson

The new season has begun and it’s time to look at how things will shape up in Week Two.  Remember, it’s a long season, so get comfy and let’s take a look at the big news coming out of the NFL.

Carolina Panthers’ QB Jake Delhomme’s confidence is shot and his ace receiver, Steve Smith, doesn’t believe in him either.  Bill Cowher, meet your new team.

Super Bowl 2009 participants, the Arizona Cardinals, lose Game One to the San Francisco 49ers. Ouch, what’s the percentage of teams losing the first game of the season and winning the Super Bowl? Not good. What’s the percentage of losing Super Bowl teams tanking the next season?  Sometimes history is a cruel thing.

The New England Patriots will beat the Jets this weekend mostly because Mark Sanchez is still a rookie and even though the Pats’ defense is full of holes, they will have enough to frustrate the rookie QB. But look for the Jets to take the next meeting between these two.

Brett Favre will not last the season with the Minnesota Vikings. He is one big hit from getting hurt and he will be done. Too bad because RB Adrian Peterson will have an MVP season.

Michael Crabtree will join the San Francisco 49ers at some point this season. He will have big games against non-playoff bound teams, but will be shut down the first time he plays in a “marquee match-up.” Since the 49ers are not yet “high marquee” this may take some time before it has a chance to happen.

The Dallas Cowboys will win the inaugural regular season game in their new stadium. That’s because New York Giants QB Eli Manning will resort to being the “old pre-Super Bowl victory” Eli Manning and throw a pick at a crucial point late in the game. The new video scoreboard will only become a factor if it turns out to be a stranded spaceship (ala District 9) and homeless “prawns” begin to parachute onto the field.

The Chicago Bears will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend, but the Steelers will still end up winning the Super Bowl come February 2010. Yes, they’ll paste together some sort of sufficient running game.

The Baltimore Ravens will beat the San Diego Chargers – unless Joe Flacco suffers sunstroke in the Southern California sun.

The Indianapolis Colts will defeat the Miami Dolphins by a big margin on Monday night. Peyton Manning will be asked to join the new Jay Leno show since Peyton’s many commercials are at least as funny as Jay’s lame primetime show.



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