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Tuesday December 14, 2010 10:57 pm

Matt Stairs sets sights on another MLB record

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, MLB,

Matt StairsMatt Stairs, baseball’s best-known bench player, is working on another record. Already his is the record for most pinch hit home runs, with 23 of his career 263 bombs coming off the bench. What he’s also known for is his long resume. He’s held jobs with 12 major league baseball teams since he began in 1992, tying the record held by Mike Morgan, Ron Villone and even Deacon McGuire, who played in the 19th century.

Stairs has been offered a minor league contract by the Washington Nationals with an invitation to Spring Training. If Stairs can earn a roster spot and play a game wearing a Nationals uniform, Stairs will break the record and become baseball’s most-traveled slugger. Considering how well he’s held on to his power swing over time – he’ll be 43 next February – it’s not unbelievable to think that Stairs has a good chance to make the team.

Stairs has said that he has his family’s encouragement to continue playing baseball, even at his age. However, he has also said that if he doesn’t make the Nationals’ roster, he’ll walk away from the game rather than ride a bus in Triple A. Who would blame him? He doesn’t have Hall of Fame credentials; at least not by American standards, but he has earned the right to finish his 18-year career in his way.

The tiny loophole in Stairs’ potential accomplishment is that the deal comes from the Nationals, formerly known as the Montreal Expos. Stairs began his career with the Expos, so if you want to get technical, this won’t be his 13th franchise, it will be his second go-around with his first. But that’s nitpicky. Instead, watch in awe as the aging Canadian silently breaks another of baseball’s smaller records, even if Stairs only plays one game.



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