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Saturday June 16, 2007 1:28 pm

Kobe wants to be traded…again

Posted by Brendon Lindsey Categories: Athletes, Front Office, NBA, Trades,

Kobe Bryant met with Lakers owner Jerry Buss in Barcelona, and guess what? He wants to be traded again. Within the past month Kobe has demanded to be traded, changed his mind and claimed he would never leave L.A., and then demanded to be traded again. Can we officially change Kobe’s name to Sybil yet?

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Despite the fact people in L.A. will hate him more than they even do already, it seems Kobe just won’t stop taking his demands through the public sector. As always, Kobe’s demands center around the fact that he wants to win. Well, Sybil, if you wanted to win maybe you shouldn’t have forced Shaq out of town. It probably also wouldn’t hurt to stop trying to run the team, since you’re a 28 year-old NBA player and have no actual experience running a team. On Friday, Kobe’s agent Rob Pelinka told ESPN’s Chad Ford, “Kobe’s position remains unchanged ... Kobe would like to be moved.” Is it inevitable this time? Or is Kobe blowing more smoke to worry Laker fans?

So if Kobe does get traded, where will he end up? Right now, there are two requirements the Lakers will likely demand in any trade: 1) Kobe goes to the Eastern conference, and 2) The Lakers get a superstar back in return. As far as two-team trades are concerned, that leaves only two teams (the Wizards and Celtics) as likely candidates. But will Kobe okay a trade to either of those franchises? They aren’t exactly dynasties, but then again they are in the Eastern conference, and after these NBA playoffs I’m convinced I could put together a team of jockeys with a circus clown playing center and make it to at least the conference finals.



I don’t think the Lakers will be demanding a superstar back (see: Mitch and the Shaq trade). If they want to rebuild, what better way than to get a pair of decent players in Channing Frye and Jamal Crawford, and then a double double machine in David Lee, plus draft picks? Plus, toss another player and you’ve got cap room in time to bid on some other big names.

Come on, trade ‘im to the Knicks! (even though I think he’ll end up in Chicago, I think Isiah will give up 5 first round draft picks if he has to, while Paxton will hesitate to deal)


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