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Monday November 21, 2005 9:11 pm

NFL Week 12 Matchup

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New-Orleans-Saints AT NY Jets
(2-8) New Orleans Saints at (2-8) New York Jets. 

That’s right, I’m going to go with the Worst Game of the Year. It is not even a case of these teams needing a win badly for morale.  Now this game is going to break the record for most graphics about next year’s needs.  You almost feel bad for these two teams in that they have to actually play the game, and be tortured for 60 minutes rather than just forfeiting.  That being said, this game is actually winnable for either team.Kilff KingsburySo why is this my game of the week? I have no idea who is going to win this game?  Who knows, it might end up a 3-3 tie, this way there will be further debate which team has had the more miserable season.  The intriguing part will be all the odd plays, the botched snaps that go for fumble TD’s, juggled punt returns (oh there will be many punts), the penalties on offense. We’ll get to see the 3rd and 25, which are always fun to watch.  Let’s not forget ridiculous moments like draw plays on the 3rd and long that might actually pick up a 1st down.  We’ll also see some guy named Kliff Kingsbury at QB for the Jets.  Hey you Al Bundy’s of the world, start warming up, if Kliff goes down to injury, you might have a shot at Quarterback next.  If you guys like CFL or the XFL, this will be the place to be, otherwise just go out Christmas shopping.

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