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Thursday April 27, 2006 8:22 am

Long Ass Thread Thursday

VelcroFriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… actually, your eyes and fingers.

Every Thursday, I’d like to get as many comments as possible on this “Long Ass Thread Thursday” post talking about sports, primarily, since this IS a sports blog, but if you want to talk books, movies, or the merits of Velcro, let’s do it!

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END blatant butt-kissing of my boss.

So, let’s do this people! And because I’m such a nice guy, let me throw out some topics:

- Barry Bonds… he’s getting closer to the Babe and he looks like he’s in pain doing it.
- Brett Favre… FINALLY he decides to bring his ball and play again.
- NBA Playoffs… who are you guys liking?
- NFL Draft… Reggie Bush, Mario Williams, Mario Cantone.  Who will be the first overall pick?
- NHL Playoffs… educate me.

Let’s make this successful so that my boss doesn’t fire me for introducing this wacky idea!

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I have heard the Jets are going to take Vernon Davis.I think they take Leinhart and I truly hope on Saturday Vernon is not angry or disappointed when my Niners take him 6th. We need a guy like him on offense and he can speed up Alex Smith’s growth as a QB.

And Lebron should be MVP,I don’t care what anyone else says.

I feel that the Titans take Young and Leinhart falls to the Raiders at no.7.

Let’s go Knicks!!!....oh wait…damn Isiah.

3.Vince Young
4.Super Mario
5.AJ Hawk
6.Vernon Davis
7.Matt Leinhart
8.Brodrick Bunkley
9.Mike Huff
10.Jay Cutler


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