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Saturday April 1, 2006 10:39 am

Florida Gators Joakim Noah’s Act is Getting Old

Joakim Noah getting attention from NBA scoutsEver since Florida defeated Villanova to advance to the Final Four, the focus has been on Joakim Noah and his sound-bites.  First it started off with the backwards hat wearing, right out of the locker room celebration “The Gator boys are hot right now,” quote.  At that moment, he morphed from high-energy, fun to watch basketball player, to condescending, uppity-attitude rich kid who is garnering too much attention.  Ever since then, it’s been the you’ve guys only watched us three or four times, you don’t know me, why are you writing stories against us, me against the world attitude.  Hey Joakim, who is writing bad things about you and the Gators?  Mostly everyone is predicting the Gators to defeat George Mason and win in the title game.  This is one rising star where the sudden adoration and attention is definitely going to his head.

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Guy had a great tourny but I think he is overrated…


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