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Friday April 7, 2006 1:35 am

Chicks Dig The Long Ball…And Apparently So Does Dickey

Posted by Dennis Velasco Categories: Editorial, MLB,

Remember that Nike commercial from what seems like a decade ago that ends with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine saying - “Chicks dig the long ball” after watching a power display by an alleged ‘roid user who will go unmentioned as not to give him any publicity.  Well, Texas Rangers pitcher R.A. Dickey must have because he sure gave up a lot of them tonight against the Detroit Tigers. Okay, saying Dickey “dug” all those dingers would be presumptious in that Dickey is a masochist, but you have to admit, throwing knuckleballs in a cigar box like Ameriquest Field in Arlington AKA Coors Field South might not be a good idea if the pitch isn’t effective.  Brandon Inge homering on the second pitch of the game should have made Dickey raise his eyebrow just a little bit.  Magglio Ordonez hitting one out three batters later should have made Dickey raise his eyebrow like he was The Rock because he should have “sa-sa-sa-sa-smellllllled… what the Tigers… were… cooking” - a whole lot of dingers.  In the end, Dickey tied a post-1900 MLB record for most home runs given up in a game, surrending six altogether.  He tied the record with yet another knuckleballer, the Boston Red Sox Tim Wakefield, who achieved the feat during the 2004 season.  Guess who the team was…that’s right, the Mighty Detroit Tigers.  So, we learned two things from tonight’s event: one, if you like throwing knucklers, take the night off if you’re playing the Tigers. And, two, Inge, Ordonez, Chris Shelton (who homered twice!), Craig Monroe, and Marcus Thames should be some very happy men tonight if, in fact, chicks do indeed dig the long ball.

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