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Saturday May 20, 2006 7:08 pm

Chicago Cubs Catcher Michael Barrett and Chicago White Sox Catcher A.J. Pierzynski Brawl

Posted by Jeff Chan Categories: Athletes, MLB, Scoreboard,

Michael Barrett and Pierzynski cause a bench-clearing brawlAfter tagging up from third base, A.J. Pierzynksi came barreling down the line and flattened catcher Michael Barrett to score a run as the White Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs 7-0.  Everybody gets a kick out of bench-clearing brawls and you’ll have probably seen the highlights ten times by the time you read this, but everyone is missing a key point here.  The key point no one mentioned is that there is that unspoken rule for catchers, where they don’t go running each other over on the base paths.  Not only Pierzynski do that, he emphatically slapped home plate, rubbing it in that he made Barrett drop the ball, which ensued the melee.  Pierzynski is famously known across the Majors Leagues as a real pain in the butt for opponents and teammates alike with his mouth and antics.  Maybe this skirmish pulls the Cubbies closer together this season for a nice winning streak.

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