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Wednesday March 15, 2006 5:55 pm

CBS Bill Packer Bashes NCAA Selection Committee

Posted by Jeff Chan Categories: Editorial, NCAA, College Baseball,

Jim Nantz and Billy Packer crying over the selection committeeIf you tuned in to Selection Sunday, you must’ve seen Billy Packer and Jim Nantz bashing the selection committee, not allowing chairman Craig Littlepage defend himself.  Nantz was arguing that the Missouri Valley Conference had four teams in their conference make the big dance, the same number as the majors ACC and Big 12.  Nantz tried to point out all these numbers of well the ACC has more wins, and when the mid-majors have gotten into the tournament, they haven’t won.  Well, what do you analysts expect?  Of course the power majors are going to get more wins if they get more bids and higher seeds.  Give the smaller schools a break, what school are you really crying about not getting a bid?  Cincinnati?  Michigan?  Florida State?  What did those teams do to deserve to get in?  My only gripe was the low 8th seed to George Washington and Gonzaga getting a 3 seed rather than a deserved 2 seed.

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