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Werd: Bailout - Part One

In honor of Merriam-Webster’s 2008 word of the year, bailout, we will focus this week’s efforts of The Werd on the big story of the year.  To start the discussion, I will suggest these two great charts: A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis - Part One A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis - Part Two Part One explains the many reasons for the financial crisis; Part Two suggests an alternative bailout that punishes …

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Werd: Pirate - Part Five

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Posted by Patrick Snajder
Categories: Editorials, History, US Economy,

This week’s werd pirate, as told by the other OED: pirate (n.)   1254, from O.Fr. pirate, from L. pirata “sailor, sea robber,” from Gk. peirates “brigand, pirate,” lit. “one who attacks,” from peiran “to attack, make a hostile attempt on, try,” from peira “trial, an attempt, attack,” from PIE base *per- “try” (cf. L. peritus “experienced,” periculum “trial, experiment, risk, danger,” see peril). Meaning “one who takes another’s work without permission” first recorded 1701; …

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Werd: Pirate - Part Four

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Posted by Patrick Snajder
Categories: Editorials, History, US Economy,

So in case some of you didn’t get the subtle satire, Part Three of this week’s Werd said that pirates can’t exist without capitalists.  If we want capitalism, we should expect pirates; if we want to rid ourselves of pirates, all of the laws and security in the world won’t ever get rid of them, so long as we still cling to capitalism.  Today I received my copy of the January issue of Harper’s Magazine.  …

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Werd: Pirate - Part Three

Where, precisely, is the line crossed that separates Robin Hood, the hero to the lower class, from Robin Hood, terrorist? As usual, it seems to be a matter of perspective.  If you were sending gilded coins to your dear mother by way of carriage to pay for her The Plague medicine and Robin Hood up and stole your ducats, surely you would see Hood as the terrorist.  Even if the money Hood swiped was going …

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The Bush Legacy

When George W. Bush vacates the White House on January 20, 2009, the floodgates will open, as political pundits line up to take pot shots at his eight years as Chief Executive. Presidential rankings are nothing new. Every former president has one and have eschewed the usual practice of getting an objective view of a president’s legacy after leaving office. These days, the Internet and instant readers’ polls have made the tried and true method …

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Barack Obama’s First Hundred Days

So… January 20, 2009, history takes its latest bow when President-Elect Barack Obama is sworn in as America’s 44th Chief Executive. The fortunate ones lucky enough to secure Inauguration tickets will brave arctic temperatures as the rest of America watches this latest chapter in US history unfold on an ocean of televisions from Seattle to the Florida Keys. January 21, 2009 will mark the real onset of what might be called the Altering Era. That’s …

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I Thought It Was Patriotic

All of these people telling me to support my President, and rally behind him is starting to agitate me. Yes. Barack Obama is my new President, and I will support him, and I do hope he’s successful, but, the same people telling me I should do so are the same people who say “it’s Patriotic to question, and disagree with your President.” They are the same people who said, “George Bush is NOT my President.” …

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Coal Industry To Be Bankrupted

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Posted by Sal Traina
Categories: Editorials, US Economy,

It doesn’t matter that nearly 50% of our home electric comes from coal. The predicted winner of today’s Presidential Election, Democrat Barack Obama, wants to punish coal companies, and other industrial markets, with Cap and Trade. This will slow, or maybe even reverse economic progress in the United States. The predicted loser, Republican John McCain, also supports cap and trade, but not to the extent Obama does. Either way, cap and trade never worked. ... …

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Wealth Distribution = Socialism

Socialism, since it’s birth, has been centered around the idea of more government control and distribution of wealth, or “spreading the wealth around,” as Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama likes to say. What I like to say is, you can put lipstick on socialism, but it’s still socialism. How do people believe his campaign’s spin on Obama’s own words that he wants to “spread the wealth?” I can’t believe that with only eight days left until …

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The Myth of FDR

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Posted by George Regal
Categories: History, US Economy,

The Great Depression was brought about as a result of monetary inflation (68%) from 1921-1928. (See: What is the Federal Reserve Doing?) There were other factors involved, but this was the primary factor. This was mostly the result of “easy credit” (a recurring theme isn’t it?). Credit expansion, as we have seen again, leads to malinvestment. John Maynard Keynes, the father of Keynesian Economics, called Federal Reserve policy (1921-1928) a triumph in currency management. Hey, good …

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