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Recipe: Tropical chicken polenta cakes

This recipe for tropical chicken polenta cakes is one you can mostly prepare days in advance, making it a convenient mid-week meal. Simply boil the chicken breasts and prepare the polenta, put both in their own sealed containers, and bring them out when you want to make this dish. If you end up with extra polenta cakes, use them to make “grilled cheese sandwiches.” Seriously, they're awesome. On to the recipe: INGREDIENTS: Tropical Chicken: 3 …

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Muffuletta Tea Sandwiches Recipe

These tea sandwiches are spicy and make a great addition to a summer tea. They are based on the New Orleans favorite Muffuletta, a garlicky olive salad. You can also add thinly sliced meats to the cheese if you wish. Ingredients: 1 pkg. steak buns (6) (with sesame seeds if possible) Olive Salad - Recipe Below 12 slices Havarti Cheese, sliced paper thin Herb Butter - Recipe Below Olive Salad 1/3 cup green olives, pitted, minced …

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