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Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Flag recipe

So, in case our horchata recipe wasn’t strong enough for you, we’ve got something with a little more kick for your Cinco de Mayo party. Usually if I’m imbibing tequila, it’s in margarita form and I am just fine with that. But the Mexican Flag is consistently great just as it is. Ingredients: 1 cup of tequila the juice of 2 1/2 limes 3 tablespoons powdered sugar Maraschino cherries Green seedless grapes Banana Preparation: Dissolve …

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Cinco de Mayo drinks: Horchata recipe

Cinco de Mayo is here! And if you’re not hip to the actual reason the fifth of May is celebrated, let me clue you in! On May 5, 1862, 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated the French army and an army of traitor Mexican soldiers to regain control of the country in Puebla. Anyone can go to their local Mexican joint to celebrate. But WHY? Over the course of today, I’m going to lay out easy recipes to …

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Monkey-picked tea

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Posted by Andru Edwards
Categories: Beverages, Tea, Far East, Boiling,

We know, it sounds odd. Why would anyone want to drink tea that has bee picked by a monkey? Does it make it taste any better? As the story goes, this is some of the best tea available, but the trees it grows in are too high, and the mountain face where the trees are is too steep. However, the tea is so delicious that the locals had to have it - so they trained monkeys …

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