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Recipe: Rosemary Beef Skewers with Horseradish Dipping Sauce

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Posted by Monica Edwards
Categories: Dinner, Recipes, Beef, Meat, America, Roasting,

When our family is enjoying any kind of meat dish, I love to break out the horseradish and announce to whoever is within earshot, “Horseradish makes EVERYTHING taste better”. So when I came across this recipe in Everyday Food for beef skewers with rosemary (one of my favorite herbs to cook with), my mouth started watering at the thought of dipping the yummy skewers into a horseradish dipping sauce, bringing the whole dish to a …

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Pot Roast with Vegetables Recipe

There is something wonderful about the smell of a roast cooking for hours on a cool autumn day. The spices and juices from the meat fill the house with a lovely inspiring smell. This wafting scent will lure even your pickiest child to the dinner table, to taste of the labors of your hard working oven. I was excited to see that this recipe from All Recipes called to use a Dutch oven because I …

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