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Good News For HD DVD Owners

Although Blockbuster recently announced they were leaning toward Blu-ray rentals (citing customer preferences), HD DVD owners finally have a win in their corner. Blu-ray had been noted for having a wider movie catalogue due to their exclusive partnerships with several movie studios.  Now Paramount Studios (with DreamWorks Animation) has decided that they will go strictly HD DVD from this point forward.  This announcement may finally help ignite an actual competition between the two formats. The August …

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The Future is Blu for Blockbuster

Having offered both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs since 2006, Blockbuster has finally chosen their favorite high-definition child.  Okay to be fair—they just acknowledged what their customers have been preferring. Although Toshiba was the first to deliver its HD DVD baby, rentals of the Sony version have outpaced its competitor by 70%.  Exclusive partnerships with major movie studios—and therefore a wider range of film choices—has helped with Sony’s appeal. Both formats had been receiving equal promotion …

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Independent Filmmakers Recoup Losses with YouTube

In the ever-changing world of independent film, directors are constantly looking for new ways to market their movies.  While the Internet has long been one of these tools, two filmmakers are taking things to the next level.  Not only are Arin Crumley and Susan Buice putting their entire full-length film, Four Eyed Monsters, on YouTube for all to see, they’ve also found a way to make some money and get out of debt.  For one …

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‘The Dark Knight’ Shot With Imax Cameras

We’ve barely gotten through this summer of sequels and yet it somehow feels appropriate to look ahead to next year.  I, for one, would gladly sit out most of the offerings this season if it meant that I could get to the Batman Begins follow-up sooner. The Dark Knight is not even slated to be released until July 18, 2008…but we now know how some of it will look.  Director Christopher Nolan has announced that …

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Make Your Own Star Wars Movie

You may have already purchased the collectible stamps, watched the History Channel tribute or dropped your mail into an R2-D2 mailbox….but if you are still looking for a way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original Star Wars, you can simply make your own movie. Through www.starwars.com, fans can ‘mash up’ their own tribute videos and then post them on the site.  The film shorts can simply be a rejumbling of over 200 provided movie …

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Shrek The Third to Be Three Times the Charm

The lovable cast of characters (and their famous celebrity voice stylings) will return this summer to wow another round of audiences with Shrek the Third. This third time around, Justin Timberlake will join the cast that already includes Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, and his recent break-up Cameron Diaz. Merlin, Captain Hook, and several fairy-tale princesses will be featured in the film, which is scheduled to hit theatres May 18. This installment to the Shrek …

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