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Lohan Joins Alcoholics Anonymous

Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) has begun attending A.A. meetings, according to her publicist.  The twenty-year-old actress has been portrayed in recent years as a wreck, partying irresponsibly and brazenly feuding with other celebrity divas like Hillary Duff and Paris Hilton.  Her controversy recently culminated with an allegedly inebriated, Blackberry-mashed email to family members of the late director Robert Altman, with whom she recently worked on A Prairie Home Companion.  The email expressed her …

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Does Possible ‘Borat’ Inspiration Seek Reparation, or Just Fame?

Mahir Cagri, a Turkish man and freelance journalist, is claiming to be the inspiration for Borat, the fictional Kazakh journalist and main character in the new eponymous film.  Created by Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat first officially appeared on Da Ali G Show in 2003 –  Cohen had been toying with the character for years in Britain, where he began exposing hidden stereotypes, offending innocent bystanders, and making us laugh.  Cagri first became known to the public …

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