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Grindhouses Not Just Theatres With Tarantino

It’s so hard to find a good Grindhouse these days. Theatres that cater to the darker side of the psyche by showing grisly, gory violence just aren’t easy to come by. In fact, the days of most Grindhouse theatres are days gone by. What’s a movie maker that wants to grind violence into the minds of moviegoers to do in these post-Grindhouse days? To fill this grinding gap in current culture, Quentin Tarantino (with the …

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The Reaping Has Trouble Reaping Acclaim

Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank decided to show her acting chops in the dark, spiritually-toned thriller The Reaping. And, according to critics, it’s highly unlikely she’ll get the Oscar nod for this newest flick of hers. As Katherine Winter, Hilary struts her stuff as an ex-minister-turned-professor debunking miracles. This occupation actually exists, though generally it’s not considered film fodder. A river of blood in a Louisiana town leads Katherine through her cynic’s journey of disproving the …

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Box Office Breakdown:  Blades Has The Cutting Edge

It really shouldn’t have been hard to predict that a Will Ferrell movie—or frankly a better movie—would take the top spot away from those fightin’ turtles.  Audiences simply love watching him mock their beloved sports.  It’s also worth nothing that TMNT sunk so low…it was even surpassed by the old fave, 300.  Cowabunga?#$%! Here’s how the rest of the weekend broke down: 1. Blades of Glory, Paramount, $33,014,202 2. Meet the Robinsons, Disney, $25,123,781 3. …

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Box Office Breakdown: Cowabunga!

And Xerses thought 300 warriors looked pathetic.  Apparently a handful of shells was all it took to take down that clump of shielded warriors.  The latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offering, TMNT, took the top spot away this weekend from powerhouse 300. Also of note—two movies starring a Wahlberg opened up this week:  Shooter with Mark and Dead Silence with Donnie.  While neither movie did spectacular, both movies managed to crack the Top 10.  Here’s …

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Box Office Breakdown: 300 Loses Steam, Remains Strong

Just like the Spartan forces, the movie 300 was bound to lose steam.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t still take out a round of movies on its way down!  Here’s the breakdown for the past weekend: 1. 300, Warner Bros., $32,877,328 2. Wild Hogs, Disney, $19,058,871 3. Premonition, Sony, $17,558,689 4. Dead Silence, Universal, $7,842,725 5. I Think I Love My Wife, Fox Searchlight, $5,674,802 6. Bridge to Terabithia, Disney, $5,192,153 7. Ghost Rider, …

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Box Office Breakdown: 300 Tears It Up

Ghost Rider and Wild Hogs step aside.  Throngs of men in need of a testosterone-laden movie were apparently craving more than just motorcycles.  According to the latest box office numbers, what they really needed were swords.  And blood.  And Spartan women.  Trapped inside a crowded theater this weekend, I knew 300 would be successful.  But who could have guessed it would be this big??  The latest movie to be based on a Frank Miller graphic …

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Zodiac Review: Fincher’s Tour de Force

After a five-year hiatus, director David Fincher is back with Zodiac, a slow, introspective thriller written by James Vanderbilt and based on books by Robert Graysmith and official police files chronicling the notorious San Francisco serial killer. In the late 1960s, the San Francisco Chronicle receives one of the first letters from the Zodiac killer, a partial cipher detailing the gruesome deaths of his first victims and his intention to kill again.  What begins as a …

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Black Snake a Moan or Triumph?

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Posted by K.C. Morgan
Categories: Paramount, Drama, New Releases, Trailers,

Though the trailers for Black Snake Moan seem to hint at a dark, sweaty, scuzzy flick featuring a half-naked and emaciated-looking Christina Ricci and a worn out Samuel L. Jackson, reviews hint that the movie is anything but trashy. Ricci plays Rae, a character that’s almost classicly white trash with a bad girl ‘tude and a wardrobe filled with tiny clothes. When her boyfriend Ronnie (Justin Timberlake) leaves for the National Guard, Rae hits the …

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Little Miss Sunshine DVD Review

When little Olive Hoover becomes eligible to compete in the regional Little Miss Sunshine pageant, her dysfunctional but supportive family decide to help her get there.  Traveling from New Mexico to California in a failing Volkswagen bus, the family, despite an utter distaste for one another, must find a way to inhabit shared space for two straight days and face a slew of problems, both physical and psychological, along the way.  Little Miss Sunshine is a …

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Are the Signs Good for Zodiac?

Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the big screen with sure success in Zodiac, a low-key thriller centering around unsolved murders in California from 1968 to 1969. The star-studded cast in this 2007 movie includes Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith, Mark Ruffalo (Rumor Has It, Just Like Heaven) as Inspector Toschi, Anthony Edwards as Inspection Armstrong, and Robert Downey as Paul Avery. The Zodiac killer’s numbers were not what made the case so chillingly unforgettable – only five …

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