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Rachael Ray’s Show Renewed Through 2010

Brace yourselves… we’ve got two more seasons of Rachael Ray-isms to endure. Her daytime gabfest has been extended through the 2009-2010 season. Don’t get me wrong, I love her recipes and can sorta stomach her 30 Minute Meals program on the Food Network. An hour of her talk show Rachael Ray is just way too much to endure though. Her personality seems over the top—maybe it is genuine, but there is just too much hyper …

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Interior Design Competition Comes to Bravo

Bravo has introduced their latest reality show concept—called Top Design, the show will pit 12 interior designers, architects and artists against one another for the top prize. Hey, it worked for Project Runway and Top Chef, so why not? Hosted by Todd Oldham, uber-designer, this is yet another interesting entry into the reality genre. I poo-poo’d Project Runway until I actually got caught in a marathon airing and could not look away! “Bravo has successfully brought …

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The Rachael Ray Show to Feature Oprah

For better or for worse, Rachael Ray will debut as talk show host in mid-September. If you’ve never caught her Food Network Shows, she is the self-proclaimed 30-minute meal guru. What started with a cooking show on the Food Network, soon snowballed into other programs on the network, then her own magazine, and now—naturally—her own talk show. I, for one, have a hard time listening to her talk (and I’ve seen the same complaint on bulletin …

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Finally Some Reality Stars With Skills

Too often the stars of reality television are famous simply for being famous. Their only talent is the shamelessness of appearing on one of these shows. The Real World was originally an experiment in human nature – “what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real?” – but after seventeen seasons it has become simply a pageant for those that want to be on TV but lack the talent and dedication to do so …

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The Food Network Has Got the Scoop!

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Posted by Abby Rose Dalto
Categories: Food & Home, Reality, Specials, Cable,

The Food Network has teamed with Haagen-Daz to bring us a two-hour special called Scoop! The special will focus on five contestants competiting to create a new ice cream flavor. The suggested flavors from the ten semi-finalists included such original combinations as caramelized figs and walnut, mocha malt crunch, caramelized apple crisp, strawberry mocha supreme, pumpkinlicious, cannoli, sticky toffee pudding, toasted coconut, peach amaretto praline, and chocolate chipotle. I can’t wait to see (and then taste!) …

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Katie Joel Fired From Top Chef

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Posted by Zoe Stagg
Categories: Food & Home, Reality, Talent,

Someone was listening!  Every rant I’ve made about the absolute worst reality hostess of all time was heard!  Katie Joel is packing her knives and going home.  The now former host of Top Chef has been cut loose. Though no formal reason for her departure was given, we can all guess…her recipe was 100% flavor-free.  I no longer hope Gordon Ramsay meets her in a dark alley, and I can finally look forward to Top Chef …

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Food Network Caters Your Wedding

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Posted by Kristen DeLeon
Categories: Food & Home, Reality, Specials, Cable,

Food Network should be getting really excited about their new special, Food Network Caters Your Wedding.  This show chooses one couple out of hundreds of contestants and helps them with their wedding by catering the entire thing.  Even more exciting, the lucky pair becomes judges of a wedding cake competition given in their honor.  The cake they choose to be the winner will be created for their very own reception. The couple may know a lot …

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Shalom in the Home Wants Your Home

Dr Phil better get out his “A-Game” because new television therapist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is red hot right now and moving up in the ratings with TLC’s Shalom in the Home. It’s good stuff.  Rabbi Shmuley is not made for TV therapist.  He’ll tell you like he sees it - but not in the Dr. Phil type of way.  He’s an Oxford-trained theologian and philosopher who’s written a dozen-plus books on relationships and families and counseled …

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