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West Wing’s Ron Silver Dies of Cancer

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: NBC, West Wing, The, Video,

Ron Silver, an Emmy-nominated actor and Tony award winner, died Sunday after a two-year battle with esophageal cancer. The 62-year-old was surrounded by family when he passed during his sleep yesterday morning. Silver, who was featured on the big screen in such projects as Ali, Reversal of Fortune, Enemies: A Love Story and Silkwood, had been nominated twice for his work on the small screen. His first nod came in 1988 for the miniseries The …

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Janeane Garofalo Joins ‘24’

Janeane Garofalo (Ratatouille, The Truth About Cats and Dogs) will once again channel her serious side and enter the world of TV politics.  The actress-comedian brought her signature snarky flair to NBC’s The West Wing and now she’ll (hopefully!) do the same for Fox’s 24. Garofalo will star in the show’s seventh season as the requisite government agent who investigates Jack Bauer’s latest crisis.  I am regrettably doubtful - but seriously hopeful - that she can …

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Studio 60 Devolves into West Wing Reruns

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Posted by Rob Stevens
Categories: Comedy, NBC, West Wing, The, Editorial,

I’m a Sorkin fan. I thought The West Wing was one of the best shows on TV while Sorkin was still running it, and a great deal of my knowledge of how our government works (or should ideally work) came from that show. One of the things I’ve liked about Studio 60 was just how much like The West Wing it was in pacing and writing style. Even some of the actors were the same, people …

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Is Studio 60 Must See TV?

  Now that I’ve had time to digest the series premiere of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, it’s time for a little post-mortem analysis: What Will Make Me Watch Again: -Thanks to creator/writer Aaron Sorkin and director Thomas Schlamme, Studio 60 very much has the feel of a West Wing episode.  The quick, witty banter is always refreshing after a week’s worth of reality shows -Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are tried and true likeable …

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The 2006 Emmy Awards

  As some of you might remember, TV Envy brought you live remarks during the 2006 Oscars.  I had so much fun last time - I thought I would do it again for the 58th Annual Emmy Awards.  Unfortunately, since I live on the West Coast, live blogging is not possible.  I could cheat and write this while reading the online reports—but I won’t.  I will keep my eyes focused on the TV screen before me …

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Rob Lowe to Star in TNT Movie

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Drama, Cable, TNT-HD, West Wing, The,

Good news for Rob Lowe fans—he’s returning to the small screen, starring in the TNT movie A Perfect Day. The movie is an adaptation of Richard Paul Evans’ best-selling novel, and will be part of TNT’s “Johnson & Johnson Spotlight Presentation.” Former Johnson & Johnson features include The Wool Cap and Door to Door. Michael Wright, head of original programming at TNT said of Lowe, “After having worked with Rob Lowe on previous TNT productions, we …

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New Rules Give Smaller Shows a Chance at an Emmy

This year’s Emmy nominations will be announced July 6 and perhaps new nominating guidelines will make 2006 the “year of the underdog”. Last year showed some progress, with nominations gained by new hits such as Lost, Desperate Housewives and the recently-cancelled, cult-hit Arrested Development (which won seven awards last year). Apparently some rules have been instated this year that will give newer shows (and shows from less popular networks, such as UPN, FX, and the WB) …

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Which New Shows Have “Old” Viewers?

The “median age” of a show is the age at which an equal amount of its viewers are above and below that age. For instance,  The West Wing’s median age is 54 (meaning that half of the show’s viewers are younger than 54 and half are older than 54). E-Ring, the new West Wing spin-off based in the Pentagon, also has a median age of 54. Many of today’s new shows have relatively high median ages; …

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MSNBC’s Top 5 Missed Shows

The new summer season is about to take over the steamy airwaves. As we laugh, cry and look for the remote while watching these new shows it will give us sometime to think about what’s on the horizon. A lot of shows won’t be back this fall. Here’s what MSNBC has as the Top 5 shows they’ll miss. Arrested Development Alias The West Wing Everwood That ‘70s Show A lot of big names are not …

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The Stars Reunite For The West Wing

Expect some good news and bad news in May for NBC’s The West Wing.  The bad news, obviously, being the end of the series and of John Spencer’s character.  The silver lining?  You will be able to catch up with a list of characters that have exited over the past couple of years.  Those expected to reprise their roles during the last few weeks include:  Annabeth Gish, Emily Proctor (now currently on CSI: Miami), Marlee Matlin, …

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