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Rescue Me Co-Creator Responds to Critics of Sex Scene

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Posted by Christina Furtado
Categories: Drama, Prime Time, Cable, Editorial,

As many of us know by now, last week’s Rescue Me included a disturbing sex scene that has created quite a bit of controversy.  All over the internet, people have been arguing about to what extent the scene depicted a rape, and about the show’s lack of social responsibility in showing a woman apparently enjoying a rape.  The show’s co-creater Peter Tolan has been posting in response to this controversy on the Television Without Pity …

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Rescue Me’s Disturbing Sex Scene

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Posted by Auburn Scallon
Categories: Drama, Cable, Editorial, Gossip,

Okay, so I’ve previously accepted that Rescue Me has succumbed to soap opera antics in order to maintain ratings this season. They’re no longer a gritty real-life fire fighter drama. They took things a step too far this week, and I’m not referring to the homosexual blow jobs (I actually applaud them for taking on that story line). Tommy Gavin, after a ridiculous amount of emotional trauma in his life, goes to discuss his divorce settlement …

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Angelina Jolie on Anderson Cooper 360

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Posted by Auburn Scallon
Categories: Specials, Editorial, News,

“Angelina Jolie: Her Mission and Motherhood” on Anderson Cooper 360 was such a refreshing celebrity interview. Gossip magazine fans may have been disappointed by the lack of discussion and pictures of Brad and the new baby, but her choice to focus on the horrific conditions around the world that she is devoted to fighting brought me to tears. Compared to Britney Spears in tears last week over too much media attention, Angelina chose to use that …

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Best Week Ever

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Posted by Auburn Scallon
Categories: Cable, Editorial, Gossip, News,

If you have only one hour a week to cram in all of your pop culture, VH1’s Best Week Ever is your saving grace. They manage to take all of the top stories, gossip, and television that everyone has been talking about, and still manage to surprise us with fresh one-liners. This past week they took on Britney’s Matt Lauer interview, the “gay” Superman debate, Ann Coulter’s media blitz, and Janice Dickinson. They’ve collected some of …

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Frazzled Britney Was Left On Her Own for Dateline Interview

Because here at TV Envy, we can’t talk enough about Britney Spears, here is my contribution to the latest round of gossip about her.  According to Page Six, Britney was apparently Dateline NBC personnel were shocked when they showed up at her Malibu mansion for Matt Lauer’s interview with her and found her alone, without either of her publicists.  Even worse still, Brit insisted on doing her own hair and makeup, which looked horrible; one …

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The Beauty Business Gets Downright Ugly at the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

After being ousted from Tyra Banks’s show America’s Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson has struck back with her own show and it ain’t pretty. The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency which premiered on Oxygen earlier this month, shows a darker, harsher side of modeling than most people get to see. One episode shows a group of genetically-superior men and women stripping down to their skivvies and subjecting themselves to criticism from Dickinson and her staff.  The better-looking …

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Desperate Housewife

 It isn’t a secret to Desperate Housewives fans that the mothers of Wisteria Lane have such dramatic struggles when it comes to raising their kids.  From Bree’s traumatic experiences with her son Andrew, to Lynette’s constant failed attempts to control her three boys, these “housewives” are constantly battling to obtain the perfect home and family. When it comes to Bree, many have found it disheartening to see her kids act so inconsiderately.  Bree has been the …

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HBO Ratings Musings: Entourage Up, Deadwood Down

Sunday night saw the third season premieres of HBO Originals Deadwood and Entourage. The former had about 2.4 million viewers, which is something of a let-down for the show. On the other hand, Entourage‘s numbers represent that shows continued steady building of an audience. By the way, that night’s premiere of Lucky Louie, the network’s first “traditional” sitcom, managed only a paltry 1.5 viewers. With The Sopranos winding down, and with the loss in the past …

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Leno and Conan Share Jokes?

Okay, so we all accept that late night television hosts comment on the days headlines, but Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien’s opening monologues last night were so similar, I’m starting to wonder if they share a writing staff. And I’m not just referring to content, but down to wording and structure of the jokes. Punchlines in common: Referencing George W. Bush excusing himself from a meeting saying he was going to his room to read. Pause… …

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The Hills: Poor Lauren

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Posted by Kristen DeLeon
Categories: Reality, The Hills, Editorial,

 I felt so bad for Lauren last night.  Her boss had her take a red-eye flight to New York City to deliver a dress for Fashion Week.  Once the dress arrived in New York they sent Lauren directly home to Los Angeles.  She wasn’t even allowed to watch the fashion show!  How unfair is that!?  I think that Lauren’s boss did this just to prove that she has authority over her.  It seems ridiculously unfair …

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