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Is Tyra Banks a Sociopath?

I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist; my training in that department goes only up to and including my Psych 101 class freshman year at Cornell.  I’m just somebody who watches a bunch of TV, and watches clip shows like “The Soup” which boils down even more TV for me.  All this having been said however, let me say this: I think Tyra Banks is a sociopath. That’s not a value judgment at all.  I guess …

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Will the Idol Men Shine This Week?

When the sixth season of American Idol began, it seemed the males were going to outshine the ladies hands down. They came, they sang, they conquered. Group night impressed audiences, and surprise contenders on the male side seemed ready to prove that they had definitely earned their honor to compete. And then…Hollywood round ended, and it was time to perform. One by one, the men filled the stage. One by one, Simon Cowell shot them …

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The 2007 Academy Awards: Live Commentary

Welcome to our live coverage of the 79th Annual Academy Awards!  During our live-blog of the 2006 Oscars, I made what may now be considered an eerie prediction about Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe: “For some reason, I keep getting this nagging feeling that their relationship will dissolve sometime soon, but that discussion is for another post.” I’d like to say that I’m psychic (if so, that Oscars pool at work is all mine)...but I’m …

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Has Robyn Troup Won American Idol: Season 6 Before It’s Even Started?

Anyone who knows me has probably heard me rail on the “parade of mediocrity” that is the audition process for American Idol. I’m just the kind of guy that thinks that to get your fifteen minutes of fame, you must be able to do something significant to contribute to ... something. Looking like a jackass and not being able to sing don’t count. But that’s neither here nor there. Tomorrow starts the first round of hopefuls …

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How Did Peter Petrelli Regenerate?

At the risk of spoiling part of last night’s episode of Heroes, I felt like talking about it a bit, because this was a pivotal moment in the series that hints at many things to come. Namely, for the first time, Peter was able to use a power acquired from someone else, without being in the vicinity of the person. So how did it happen? As we saw in the show last night, Mr. Invisible threw …

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Entourage:  Sorry, Ari

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: Comedy, HBO, Entourage, Features,

  Eric wakes up to find a restless Vince standing over him.  Still bothered by the Ramones movie snafu, Vince tells Eric that they should fire Ari.  Ari—either sensing Vince’s anger or wracked with his own guilt—is startled awake.  He tells his wife he believes he will be fired that day. At breakfast, Turtle jumps all over the axing Ari plan—but Drama is not so quick to judge.  Johnny encourages Vince to take some time before …

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The 2006 Emmy Awards

  As some of you might remember, TV Envy brought you live remarks during the 2006 Oscars.  I had so much fun last time - I thought I would do it again for the 58th Annual Emmy Awards.  Unfortunately, since I live on the West Coast, live blogging is not possible.  I could cheat and write this while reading the online reports—but I won’t.  I will keep my eyes focused on the TV screen before me …

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Entourage:  What About Bob?

In last week’s episode, Turtle was waking up to a big day…this time, it was Drama.  Nervous about his first day shooting the pilot, Johnny gets all dressed up.  Unfortunately, his outward appearance does not mask the ball of nerves inside.  When Turtle jokes to Drama about playing Vince’s ‘brother’ in the Ramones movies, Johnny lashes out at him.  Worried that he will suffer a panic attack, the boys suggest ways that he can relax: …

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Entourage:  I Wanna Be Sedated

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: Comedy, Cable, HBO, Entourage, Features,

Turtle wakes up and preps for a big day.  He and his client, rap artist Saigon, are about to seal the deal on a recording contract.  On his way into the kitchen, he asks the boys for a second opinion on his outfit.  The boys pretend to be clueless about Turtle’s meeting and wonder why he’s gotten all dressed up.  Turtle is convinced that his friends have forgotten about the most important day of his life, …

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Entourage:  Vegas Baby, Vegas

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: Comedy, Cable, HBO, Entourage, Features,

Although Vincent is still in need of a job, thanks to Turtle, he is not in need of any money.  Vince has agreed to attend a Las Vegas club event in exchange for a quick $100,000.  Although the boys all plan on joining Vinnie for the trip, Drama is not quick to sign up.  Now that he’s in the process of shooting a pilot, he wants to takes things a bit more seriously.  But when …

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