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What About Brian Picked Up

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Drama, Prime Time, ABC, Ratings, Renewals,

We already reported not even two weeks ago that ABC was ordering four additional scripts of the sophomore drama, What About Brian—and now, the series has been picked up for the full season! Wow, that was fast. Must have been some quality scripts, huh? With Barry Watson (as Brian) leading a cast of interesting characters and storylines, it seemed a safe bet that this show would stick around for the rest of the season. While …

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David Duchovny Comes to the Small Screen (Again!)

Ever since David Duchovny left The X-Files, there has been a little empty place in my heart. Fear not, Duchovny fans, for he returns again to the small screen! This time, however, he’ll be working with Showtime on two projects, according to a report from Variety. One series in the works would have Duchovny starring as a writer addicted to sex and drugs—who is trying to raise a child on his own. The pilot does not …

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Studio 60 Gets the Full Order

Seems NBC is taking pity on the ratings-impaired series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. While the show hasn’t been living up to expectations in terms of viewership, the network has extended the show for the full season. Time will tell if the show gains momentum—and numbers. It’s hard to believe that it could see an increase in ratings, since most people who jumped ship on the series are unlikely to dive back in if they’ve …

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Spider-Man 3 Trailer Hits The Airwaves

The new Spider-Man 3 trailer will be unveiled tonight, November 9th, nearly six months before the film’s release.  In a large television and internet blitz, the 2-1/2-minute trailer will debut around 10pm (ET/PT) on the following channels:  CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, BET, Logo, Spike TV, and VH1. The trailer will also be available for online viewing at AddictingGames.com, AddictingClips.com, BET.com, MTV.com, IFilm.com, Nick.com, ComedyCentral.com, GameTrailers.com, LogoOnline.com, Neopets.com, SpikeTV.com, The-N.com, VH1.com, Xfire.com, and right here on …

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Showtime’s ‘Manchild’ Adds Kevin Smith

The Showtime pilot, Manchild, looks like it’s shaping up to be a decent little comedy. I reported last week that the pilot was in the works and that John Corbett (Northern Exposure, Sex in the City, Lucky) was cast as a former Deadhead trying to get his work and social life on track. The show is based on a BBC series, about a group of four guys who are each experiencing their midlife crises in different …

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Veteran CBS Journalist Ed Bradley Dies

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: CBS, News,

Veteran journalist Ed Bradley, 65, died Thursday morning after a battle with leukemia. The CBS news correspondent was widely known for his 26 years on 60 Minutes and a Harrison Ford-esque earring.  Over the years, he scored many exclusives interviews—including one with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh—and earned a whopping 19 Emmys.  Bradley is survived by his wife, Patricia. ...

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It’s Always Sunny Gets a Third Season

This is the little sitcom that could… FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed for a third season. Expect 15 new episodes for season three, an increase over the 10 from last year. Danny DeVito, who made a great addition to the second season, is expected to return for all of the episodes. Nick Grad, head of original programming at FX, said of the renewal, “We’re encouraged with the ratings growth, we love …

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Kellie Pickler Given Sitcom

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Comedy, Music, Prime Time, American Idol,

Say it ain’t so… but it is! Fox has announced that they are developing a sitcom for American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler. You may recall that the singer got plenty of screen time on Idol, putting her southern personality on display. I guess it was only a matter of time before a TV show came a-knockin’. The half-hour comedy won’t prove to be too much of a stretch, with Pickler playing a small-town Southern girl. The …

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Six Degrees on Hiatus; Men in Trees Given Full Season

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Drama, ABC, Grey’s Anatomy, Ratings,

The ailing freshman show, Six Degrees will be taking a little break—with Men in Trees taking over the timeslot. Six Degrees hasn’t made much of a showing in the ratings, which is remarkable considering it follows Grey’s Anatomy. Surely the show must be able to retain some of Grey’s audience. But it hasn’t. And don’t call me Shirley. With the ratings in the dumpster, ABC has decided to pull Six Degrees through December. Men in Trees, …

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Kentucky Couple From Amazing Race Receive a Happy Ending

Well, Kentucky couple Dave and Mary Conley didn’t go the distance on The Amazing Race, but they did end up with some riches after all. This sweet couple gained a whole lot of love from fans of the 10th installment of The Amazing Race, with their honesty for playing the game. Few on reality shows have played a straighter game than Dave and Mary, and while they didn’t make it to the end, they were handsomely …

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