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Thursday Night Shuffle for Scrubs, 30 Rock

Hey, as long as they’re both in the Thursday night lineup, it makes no difference what time they air. NBC announced that 30 Rock will be back sooner than planned—the original plan was to bump the comedy for a month to air Andy Barker, P.I., beginning this week. 30 Rock will instead be back on April 5th, as part of stellar night of super-sized episodes. Here’s where the shuffle goes down—on April 12th, 30 Rock …

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America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 8: The Girls Who Go To Prom

The girls return to their pad after the elimination of Clueless Kathleen.  Yes, she wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch…but am I the only one who thought she was at least honest??  Bolstered by her winning photo, Jaslene calls home feeling confident about her chances.  Meanwhile Samantha, the young country girl, is having a hard time adjusting to the all crazy ladies around her. ...

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Rachael Ray to Hawk Dunkin’ Donuts

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Daytime, Food & Home, Talk Shows, Cable,

In her attempt to take over the world, Rachael Ray has just signed on as a spokesperson for Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ is launching a new “health-conscious” menu and wants Ray to sell the heck out of it. Not only will she be the face/voice/whatever of the new line of healthy food and beverages, but she will also help to develop the products. Basically, with the recommendation to avoid trans fats, Dunkin’ is steppin’ up and yanking …

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Rock Star: Lawsuit

Mark Burnett, the creator of Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova, is being sued by a writer and producer who believes that he stole her idea. According to TMZ.com, Sharlene Sullivan is suing Burnett and CBS for more than $2 million. Her proposal: “lead vocalists for rock bands would compete and would be judged by well known musicians/rock stars” was registered with the Writers Guild of America in March 2003. Her idea started to …

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The Office Puts New Spin on Repeats

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, NBC, The Office,

Hey, reruns are a fact of television life—unless the show takes a major break (we’re looking at you Lost), you are bound to see some repeats on the tube. Never fear, The Office is about to bring you something extraordinary—a new and improved take on the repeat. Dubbed the “newpeat,” The Office will be reairing this season’s episodes with a twist. Two of the reruns will air on March 15th, but will include unaired scenes. …

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Disney to Feature First Black Heroine

The Walt Disney Company will return to the classic, hand-drawn animated feature in 2009 with The Frog Princess, the whimsical tale of a girl named Maddy living in New Orleans.  Not only does the film mark a return to traditional animation, but it also introduces the first black heroine ever to star in an animated Disney film.  The company plans to add Maddy to its successful Princess division, an extremely lucrative product line featuring eight princesses …

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Bells Ringing for FOX?

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Posted by K.C. Morgan
Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, FOX, Editorial, Gossip,

David E. Kelley is an ace for FOX network, among others. Hit shows like Ally McBeal, The Practice, L.A. Law, and Boston Legal have made him a true television writing star. Almost every script he touches turns to gold – a veritable King Midas of network TV. His dialogue is often funny, edgy, and true to life. So when the announcement was made that he had a new, funny FOX series in the works, almost …

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Zodiac Review: Fincher’s Tour de Force

After a five-year hiatus, director David Fincher is back with Zodiac, a slow, introspective thriller written by James Vanderbilt and based on books by Robert Graysmith and official police files chronicling the notorious San Francisco serial killer. In the late 1960s, the San Francisco Chronicle receives one of the first letters from the Zodiac killer, a partial cipher detailing the gruesome deaths of his first victims and his intention to kill again.  What begins as a …

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Bunny Lake Not the Only One Missing

A big-budget remake of the 1965 Otto Preminger hit Bunny Lake is Missing has been in the works for three years, an adaptation of a famed novel. Spyglass, fundraiser of the flick, got Joe Carnahan on board to direct, while the film’s star Reese Witherspoon was announced as one of the producers, alongside Jennifer Simpson and Mark Gordon. Reese would play the lead in the film, Ann Lake, mother of missing Bunny Lake. The story …

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Much More Antonella Barba to Come?

American Idol and scandal have been friends for a long time. The second season of the show alone was rife with media stories, from Studdard’s law suits to Abdul’s affair, to one contestant’s cups that ranneth over. Plenty of Idol fans still remember the day Frenchie Davis was unceremoniously booted from the show because of topless photos. After leaving reality TV, Frenchie went on to find Broadway success. But she hasn’t forgotten her brush with …

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