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Box Office Breakdown: Cowabunga!

And Xerses thought 300 warriors looked pathetic.  Apparently a handful of shells was all it took to take down that clump of shielded warriors.  The latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offering, TMNT, took the top spot away this weekend from powerhouse 300. Also of note—two movies starring a Wahlberg opened up this week:  Shooter with Mark and Dead Silence with Donnie.  While neither movie did spectacular, both movies managed to crack the Top 10.  Here’s …

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‘What About Brian’ to be Canceled?

Ruh-roh. This is one piece of casting news that can’t be good news for the fate of What About Brian? Co-star Amanda Detmer will reportedly star in a comedy pilot for CBS. Does this pretty much squelch any chance of renewal for the low-rated Brian? Say it ain’t so, but I think fans of the show will not be too surprised if it doesn’t live to see another season. Many of us enjoyed this little mid-season …

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Punk’d Comes to an End

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Reality, Cable, Cable/Satellite,

This is it, folks. The final season of Punk’d, the Ashton Kutcher celebrity prank show. The series has had a successful run on MTV over the last eight seasons. Gotta say, there is something gratifying about seeing the rich and famous having it stuck to them. This sure as heck beats the pants off of those old “Practical Jokes” shows that Ed McMahon and Dick Clark used to do. The last season begins April 10th, …

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The Holiday DVD Review

In the newly released DVD, The Holiday, women all over the world are unlucky in love (shocker!).  In LA, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her.  Meanwhile in England, Iris (Kate Winslet) learns that her pseudo-boyfriend is actually marrying someone else.  Both in desperate need of a getaway, they exchange homes via the internet for the Christmas holiday.  But whether they can successfully detox during their man-sabbatical remains to be seen. …

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An Osmond Reunion?

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Games, Prime Time, Reality, Rumors,

This one is puzzling—a possible reunion of the 70s singing group The Osmonds. For some reason, it doesn’t seem like there would be a big demand to reunite Donny and his five brothers, but hey, stranger things have had people tuning in. Donny sang with his brothers during the 70s, then did a little solo work—and now has his 55th album, “Love Songs of the 70s,” on the British charts. Fear not, it will be released …

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America’s Next Top Model:  Cycle 8: The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

After saying goodbye to Cassandra, the girls recouped.  Diana dealt with being on the brink of elimination.  Jael, still trying to distract herself from her friends death, let Felicia teach her a dance.  Meanwhile, Renee struggled to understand why all the girls hated her.  She honestly believed the girls were ‘looking for ways to be offended by her’.  Who says models are clueless?  Surprisingly, Renee then made a rapid about-face and pledged to stop being mean. …

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American Idol Goes Long to Compete With ‘Dancing’

American Idol, in an effort to steal Dancing with the Stars’ thunder, will add seven minutes to Tuesday’s show. How does this impact Dancing? Idol will potentially pull viewers from the first seven minutes of Dancing with the Stars—pretty sneaky, huh. Why go to these lengths? Is it to better showcase the Top 10 and guest Gwen Stefani? Or just a nanny-nanny-boo-boo move? I’m sure they need those extra seven minutes because typically these Tuesday …

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Real World 20 Returns to its Roots

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Posted by Wendy Michaels
Categories: Music, Reality, Cable,

Nope, that’s not a typo. The next installment of The Real World will be number 20 and the casting is underway. In an attempt to lure older viewers back in who have tired of the drunken hookups that Real World has become… the producers are looking for a way to get “back to basics.” Damon Furberg, The Real World‘s supervising cast director said, “We’re trying to get back a little bit to the roots of …

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Titanic Lovebirds Reunite

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: Paramount, Adaptation, Drama, Period,

For those who had always hoped to see Jack and Rose finally happy, you will now get your chance.  Well—okay, maybe not happy...but at least they’ll be married.  Ten years after their heart-breaking voyage on the doomed Titanic,  Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio are slated to begin filming together again this summer. The movie, titled Revolutionary Road, is about a seemingly happy couple’s struggle to conform in the 1950’s.  The film is an adaptation of the …

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The View Bumps Lindsay Lohan’s Mom

Yikes, is Rosie O’Donnell at it again? This time, Dina Lohan (Lindsay’s mom) was scheduled to be a guest on this morning’s The View, but Rosie put the kibosh on it. O’Donnell apparently is no fan of mama Lohan’s mothering skills. Of course, there was bound to be talk of little Linds, who just finished her rehab, and Dina’s image as a “party mom.” O’Donnell was outspoken (naturally) on Wednesday’s show about an interview that Dina …

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