On Gear Live: Mario finally comes to the iPhone in Super Mario Run



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  • The one thing I would not want to loose from my computer are the memories of times past and the promise of future events. I have gigiabytes upon gigabytes of family phots and family videos. I currently use a Drobo to back everything up, but it does not help if I want to move the information offsite. I would love to fill one of these drives and ship it to my Grandmother for Valentines day. She would love to have a set of all the old movies I have converted to digital. That would be so cool. I think I would send one to my uncle. I have lots of videos of my dad before he died of him and his brother that I think he would like to have. So I guess I would be winning these to give to family members. How does that work? Oh Well! Thanks Gear Live!!!!

    Giveaway: His and Her Seagate FreeAgent Go drives
    Posted on: February 08, 2009 at 4:53 pm on Gear Live - 38 comments total

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