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  • My first game would have to have been a green gameboy pocket it was my first handheld game ever i got it when i was about to go on a road trip. Even though i have every other kind of game boy i still play with it. The game that i spent the most time on was the first game that i got with it and that was kirby pinball. It was a very interesting game the more you play it more you want to stop but you can't it pulls you into it i know i spent over 9 hours a day playing non stop. I still play with my kirby game on my Gameboy pocket because it don't look right on the newer versions of the gameboys. I spent over 50 dollars buying different add ons for it on thing i bought was the magifing light you can put on it to see at night. I use to stay up untill 3:00am playing or i would play until my eye would get blurry.Somtime I would play it so long that when i turn it off i could still hear the music or sound effects from the game. That was when i realised that i needed to cut back on it, But kirby was s addictive. If you play it you will see that everytime you lose or die it make you want to start again. I like the gameboy though because it was easier to carry to places and not get caught, But maybe that was only my opinion. What more can I say my green gameboy pocket was what started my fasination with the video game world.So if you get a chance play kirby it is fun trying to see how high you can get your high score mine is 9000000 haven't found anyone yet to beat it.

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    Posted on: January 31, 2005 at 2:07 am on Gear Live - 59 comments total

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