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  • I am most looking forward to a lot of the releases, but at the top of my list would be GUN and Dead or Alive 4. GUN I have been lucky enough to get some insider information from folks that have played and have commented that the game is truly outstanding - also if you are in to the wild west, that surely helps as well. The screenshots also have done alot to turn me on to the upcoming release. As far as Dead or Alive 4, I have played previous releases of the game, and for me it just rocks, and after seeing the actual game footage Microsoft released of the game - I'm on the edge of my seat for the release. I would say for me, since I am not a golf lover, I am least looking forward to Tiger Woods 2006. Its just a preference. Aside from the games, I am just excited about the release of the 360. I haven't purchased a game console since the original Game Boy - its been a while. I have played on friend's Xboxs, but never got around to buying myself one, and then I started following the 360 news and decided to hold out for it. Thanks for holding this contest! Good Luck All!

    Gear Live Omega Giveaway: The $2,000 Gamestop Xbox 360 Bundle
    Posted on: September 02, 2005 at 4:01 pm on Gear Live - 787 comments total

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