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  • I remember when I was about 5 or 6 going downstairs and stealing the big grey blob called a gameboy ... I used it as a toy and didn't play it until I turned it on by acident once I finally started playing it and bam Im hooked ... The game's I played the most were GRADIUS III Runner up: Mystical Ninja .... which have to be the gamebody MOST UNDERATED GAMES EVER ...... in my thought. Also, here's me dressed up as mario to show you how much I want this Nintendo DS ---- http://img185.exs.cx/img185/1833/me.jpg ---

    Gear Live Giveaway: Nintendo DS
    Posted on: January 26, 2005 at 3:10 am on Gear Live - 59 comments total

  • sorry didnt know I had to be registered The best item there would have to be the PlayStation Portable (PsP). The gadgets they had weren’t as good as the last years in my view. Anyways PsP displayed a lot of demos and hey it’s the PSP!! I think in March if it’s a low price the it will blow the DS out of the water ,but thats another rant for another day. Also the worst item I saw was some cell phone pen thing ... it was on G4TechTv (The Screensavers) ... where the guy was showing of a pen cellphone .... this will never! work ..... ,cmon why is everyone trying to make the cell phone look like things ... first Ngage and it’s taco now a pen looking phone cmon ------------------------------ Very cool prize , I won’t win because well I don’t win anything .... getting the cool Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta was cool enough *to bad its only a trial* lol ~hbK uhh please delete the one above

    Gear Live Giveaway: RoboSapien Humanoid Robot
    Posted on: January 10, 2005 at 4:33 am on Gear Live - 11 comments total

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