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  • 1. The game in the bundle I'm most looking forward to is TES IV: Oblivion. If it's everything they say it will be (and since Peter Molyneux isn't on the team, there's a good chance of that), it will be as big a landmark CRPG as Morrowind, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout were. (As long as there's an option to adjust the level of light bloom.) It will be a beautiful, proper, CRPG experience. 2. The game in the bundle I'm looking forward to the least is TES IV: Oblivion. (Now this may sound totally contradictory to you, but I assure you, it's not. I'm just really fond of things that seem that way.) I am a PC Gamer (in no way associated with the POS magazine known as PC Gamer). Always was, always will be. That doesn't mean I never play console games, I'm just extremely picky, as most non Dear Hunter playing PC Gamers are. I have a fast PC that will play Oblivion as well or better than the XBox 360 will, which means I will have no reason to play the version included in the bundle if I win it. Those aren't the only reasons though. When I think of Oblivion, I can't help but also be reminded that Bethesda is the dev. This means a painful year-long patching process during which the game will be completely playable, but probably dreadfully buggy. Bethesda being the dev also means a complete lack of Dialogue. Just a lot of one sided conversations and then keywords you get to ask. Troika broke up a little while back. Would it have been to much to expect for Bethesda to scoop up their jobless writers and get them to write/rewrite the entire story? No matter what you think of Troika's games, man, those guys can Write, and that is damn important in an RPG.

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