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  • Oh, I love google! I love picassa! I love everything googly! I'm a google fanatic! I never dare go to another search engine thatn google! Google is my internet guru! I so hope that I get an email account on google because all other email servers are so pestering!I always get spam, and somehow some of my most important emails go into the "Junk Email" and get deleted! Google, please relieve me of my problems! save me from my despair! I need a dose of Gmail... the god of all email servers! Cmon you revolutionary Beaut! Spare me an invite.......Google.....Please....... Quench my Thirst.... -Vin Google Fantic

    Google Gmail Invitation Contest
    Posted on: September 23, 2004 at 9:42 am on Gear Live - 49 comments total

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