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  • Well, I for one am have a high honor of owning a very nice gaming PC, it's no Alienware or Voodoo, but it gets the job done and it plays games rather nicely, HL2, DOOM 3, Far Cry, etc. These games are either out, or coming out for the original Xbox. I no longer have to play watered down versions of these awesome games anymore. What I'd like to do here is focus on the exclusives; the things you can find only on the Xbox, the Xbox 360 of course. Games like PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero, DOA4, and the like. So, for my entry into "most anticipated game" for Xbox 360, I'll go with PGR3. I've played tons and tons of PGR2. It blew me away how it could effortless stream the best of simulation and arcade racing. You don't have that "cool kid customization" that everyone seems to be into nowadays, instead you have fast, rip roaring racing with great physics, AI, and tons of awesome cars. Now with PGR3, you have something in more fantastic on your hands. With what I've heard, it's disturbingly realistic. Each of the crowd NPCs who watch you as you tear the track in 200+ MPH has a detailed, individual face, fully mapped and rendered in 3D, no paper thin cut outs of the past. Instead, thousands cheer for your victory and demise. The crowd stands up, and beckons at your victory, they crumble and woe in your defeat. They run and scramble when you go through the barriers, the AI for the NPCs, in the stands, alone is brilliant. The racing is breakneck. The slowest cars in the game are some of the fastest in the world. Some of the cars you'll see in this game you'll never see in real life, but you could never tell the difference unless you really, really tried. Looking at all the detail, the environments, the cars, everything, and it’s the kind of thing that makes you go "What could possibly be next?" The thought of a game that has Lamborghinis, Ferraris, AND Porches... that's exciting. It's like a racing game should be. There hasn't been a game like that since NFS: Hot Pursuit II; A time where I believe that exotic sports racing died, in turn for what we know today as "Street Racing Games." It's nice to see that the racing games I know and love are coming back and hopefully, they'll restart everything and will usher in some truly good racing games for the next generation. Now, for the game I couldn't care less about, DOA4. The DOA series, as a whole, strikes me in a bad way. The fighting always seemed cheap and clumsy, the characters designs were too, too much, and the fact the game never seems to change in my very honest opinion. DOA3, I got as a gift. I gave it a good try, I really did. It just felt out of place. As a guy who grew up in arcades playing Tekken and Virtua Fighter, DOA just felt... wrong. All wrong. DOA4, in my eyes, has changed very, very little from the latest DOA game, DOAU. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure the fans love how Itagaki gave them a "special edition" of DOA2 and 1, but it felt even worse than 3. I mean, sure, awesome graphics, but moves were missing, and there wasn't even a chance to unlock most of the new characters introduced in DOA3. But back to DOA4, I really don't see anything new or innovative. Itagaki talks a lot, but after all the God Hand rubbish from DOAX; I really get sick of hearing from him. At best, the game looks like DOA3 in High-Def. That's it. New costumes, sure. New characters, sure. But if the costumes are the best unlocks in a game and all the characters have the same structure and face (notice this especially in the females, who all vary in ages but their breasts are all exactly the same.) I mean, Ayane, Kasumi, Hayate, Hayabusa, they're supposed to be ninjas. They do not look Japanese. At all. Likewise, why do you hear two American wrestlers speaking fluent Japanese? Wouldn't make some sense if the characters had, say, some variety, or some sense of realism, at all? I mean, in my opinion, this doesn't look fitting to be called "Next-Gen." DOA4 looks like the same old fighter I've seen since DOA2, and it does not grab me at all. Whether I win this contest or not, it's fine with me, I feel good with what I have written today, and I thank Gear live for inspiring me to do so. Congrats to the winner, and thank whoever reads this, including Gear live. -LaserMan, thelaserman@gmail.com

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    Posted on: September 02, 2005 at 11:59 pm on Gear Live - 787 comments total

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