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  • I see a lot of "a friend from a board" or "somone my uncle's dog knows" or whatever. Yet I see way more "hey guys, come to my link!" than actual people saying it came in. at them making only $7 per AOL referal plus my combing of their terms.. I find it to be a misleading offer. Numbers don't add up, and the terms prove that you have zero recourse. I think there is a lot of baiting going on, sites like this have affiliates who pretend to be plain regular joes getting this stuff so they can stand to make a couple of bucks refering people. That is my experience. My board also has a thread on this.. 2 months later.. no one has yet to get an IPOD. Had at least 19 people complete the offer as illustrated(yet the find print petty much makes it impossible).

    FreeiPods.com Is The Real Deal
    Posted on: August 01, 2004 at 3:25 pm on Gear Live - 21 comments total

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