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  • This looks like an interesting camera, but I found one that will blow your socks off! Its like a SUPER ip cam on steroids! It.s called a Gotcha! camera. They have 6 Gotcha camera models + a NAS box. It has similar features EXCEPT---it can go online within SECONDS of connecting to the router. It also doesn't require a PC, but this one has more than 12 video streams Plus audio. You don't need software, you don't need to know port forwarding. You don't need to have a static public ip address, and you do not need DDNS service or a UpNP router! JUST plug it in---and you can be obseved anywhere as long as you have the camera id number and password. All you do is plug in the power and you are online if wireless, or plug in the CAT5 to the router and you are also online. It is compatibe with Homeplug so you don't need to string cable anywhere. Plug a short piece of cable between router and homeplug in an AC outlet, and another one between the camera (if not wireless) and its Homeplug , I found the Homeplugs on Ebay for $15. Now my whole house is an internet connection with NO wires, and no unsecure wireless connections. I found them with LIVE on-line controllable cameras at www.Justin.tv/floordog and at Youtube at www.youtube.com/user/Gotchacamera They also have HD versions of the cameras. Its lots of fun to control the cameras and record without a PC at the camera.

    IP Cam Works Without PC
    Posted on: December 08, 2009 at 1:19 am on Gear Live - 1 comments total

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