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  • The bundled game I am most looking foward to is Ridge Racer 6. I've been a fan of the RR series' fast and drift-centric racing since the original hit over 10 years ago. I was suprised to learn that RR6 would be both original and exclusive to the 360, given the series' long-standing association with Sony. Regardless, it appears to play in classic Ridge Racer style, with the expected upgrades to appearance and whatnot, though graphics are, of course, secondary to gameplay. Hopefully, the game's trademark soundtrack stylings will remain intact, as well. Out of the 7 360-exclusive games included in this bundle, it is far and away the one I am most anticipating. The game I am least looking foward to is Madden NFL 2006. To put it simply, I just don't like football. The basic mechanics of the game don't really appeal to me, even less so when translated into videogame form. I'm sure that it is a fine simulation of the sport in it's own right, but when it's a sport that I am not interested in to begin with, I just can't get into it.

    Gear Live Omega Giveaway: The $2,000 Gamestop Xbox 360 Bundle
    Posted on: October 30, 2005 at 9:34 am on Gear Live - 787 comments total

  • Regardless of Paypal's merits, eBay restricting it's users to ANY single form of payment is really rediculous.

    eBay Now Only Allows Paypal Payment Service
    Posted on: October 30, 2005 at 9:03 am on Gear Live - 6 comments total

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