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  • The game I would want most is the new Grand Theft Auto. I'm not a ps2 owner, but when GTAIII and Vice City came out for xbox, I was addicted to them for months. The psp version is going to be set in GTA III's setting, Liberty City, but will be a different game. Who doesn't love to steal cars, get money, and kill innocent people? :) I hope I have a PSP by the time this game comes out!

    Gear Live Giveaway: Sony PSP Value Pack
    Posted on: March 09, 2005 at 8:01 pm on Gear Live - 80 comments total

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  • This is an EXACT copy as freepay's site. They even copied the flash animation... The banner still says "Over $14 Million worth of products shipped" and "As seen on CNN, Wired, G4, Fox, MSNBC"

    GimmeiPods.com turns out to be legit!
    Posted on: April 20, 2006 at 12:12 am - 6 posts total

  • I make money, look up tutorials for photoshop/flash, email, post on forums, share homework answers with my friends through aim, and play some games online.

    What do you do online?
    Posted on: April 18, 2006 at 8:19 pm - 17 posts total

  • [quote author="JulieRuin" date="1144842074"]Has anyone tried Hotmail Live Beta? I thought it was really crappy.[/quote] I signed up for the Office Live Beta (and Hotmail Live Beta) and it's pretty crappy. They give you a free domain name, but you don't have …

    Posted on: April 15, 2006 at 12:42 am - 19 posts total

  • blingking(@)gmail.com thank you :)

    Moolah Money
    Posted on: March 27, 2006 at 11:48 pm - 12 posts total

  • Signed up under Andru

    Easy Free Xbox 360 With No Paid Referals Needed (Plus an extra free $5!)
    Posted on: February 24, 2006 at 4:14 am - 13 posts total

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