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Following the Democrats’ capturing the White House and gaining 6 seats in the Senate and 19 in the House, there’s a good possibility we’ll see a revival of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” Sal alluded to this in one of his blogs, and I’d like to further elaborate.

From 1949-1987, the Fairness Doctrine ruled the broadcast industry. It was originally designed to ensure a “balance” of opinions over the airwaves when only three or four major networks dominated radio and the medium of television was still in its infancy. By the time the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), during the Reagan administration, abolished the Doctrine, cable and satellite TV had offered competitive alternatives to the big broadcast networks.

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Barney Bush

Now that the highly-emotional campaign and election are over, I think we could all stand a few laughs. You’ve probably already seen this video, but in case you haven’t, check out First Dog Barney Bush, as he greets Reuters reporter Jonathan Decker with a not-so-friendly chomp on the finger.

Video after the jump.

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Voting box

It’s usually around your third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree that the conversation will get theoretical.  Talk turns from the texts (Moby Dick, Frankenstein, Oscar Wilde, or Bernardo Bertolucci) to the subject of theory, conjecture.  Invariably, any honest English, Film, Communications or History student will eventually come around to the topic of simulation and simulacra.  It’s been a few years since I’ve studied those particular subjects, but there’s something about the US election that has forced those old lessons out from the dusty recesses of my brain.

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If you’ve read my profile, you’d see I’m a big fan of talk radio. Mark Levin has the fastest growing radio show in America. He is on my list of top three radio hosts. He is also a Constitutional lawyer and history buff. I read a great article he wrote about Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama, and I thought I’d share it with you. He basically shares his opinions on what some people call “Obama Mania,” and predicts what he thinks the country will look like in the future.


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Socialism, since it’s birth, has been centered around the idea of more government control and distribution of wealth, or “spreading the wealth around,” as Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama likes to say. What I like to say is, you can put lipstick on socialism, but it’s still socialism.

How do people believe his campaign’s spin on Obama’s own words that he wants to “spread the wealth?” I can’t believe that with only eight days left until the election, this 2001 Barack Obama interview is only now starting to make it’s way around the internet and other outlets.(not the mainstream media…of course).

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If America saw the video The Los Angeles Times is holding, Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama wouldn’t be elected.

The L.A. Times has a video from 2003 that shows Barack Obama celebrating a going away party with a group of Palestinians who are openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama gave a toast to former Palestinian Liberation Organization (P.L.O.) operative, Rashid Khalidi at this celebration.

L.A. Times writer, Peter Wallston said he watched video taken at the Khalidi going away party. When asked by reporters if he was going to release the video or not,he said as far as he was concerned he was through with the story.

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In case you haven’t been watching CNN all day long like I have (I know, exciting), John McCain and Barack Obama roasted each other on Thursday night at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner. If your idea of “funny” is along the lines of Bob Saget’s roast on Comedy Central, then this probably isn’t your brand of humor. However, if you’ve been following the election religiously, tuning in to all of the debates and torturing yourself with each repetitive news brief, then this will serve as a much needed mini-vacation. In stark contrast to Tuesday night’s showdown over campaign ads, this forum gave the candidates a chance to lighten the mood. It also gave Americans the chance to see the candidates as human (as opposed to political robots) and funny. Or as having the ability to read the speech of someone who is mildly funny.

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Joe The Plumber

If you don’t know who Joe The Plumber is, you must not watch the news, read the paper, or listen to talk radio. The guy, whose now famous meeting with Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, is the talk of the town. You can see who he is, and why he’s so popular now, in one of my earlier blogs.

I found an interesting article that would interest Joe The Plumber, who’s real name is Joe Wurzelbacher. It basically states that if Wurzelbacher wants to achieve his goal of buying the business he’s working for, he’s going to have trouble competing for federal contracts.

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Market Watch

media bias

“Agent Bill Slavoski said he was in the audience, along with an undisclosed number of additional secret service agents and other law enforcement officers and not one heard the comment.”

The agent in charge of the Secret Service at the Sarah Palin rally, says that the New York Times report about someone yelling “kill him” is unfounded. Think about it. Barack Obama is the Democratic Candidate for President Of The United States. If someone shouted “kill him,” you sure as hell know that someone’s going to be in a lot of trouble.

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John McCain

On Wednesday’s, “Morning Joe,” a show hosted by Joe Scarborough, Senator John McCain’s senior strategist, Nicole Wallace, claimed that McCain’s campaign had lost the spin war.

“The truth is they play dirty politics … we certainly lost the spin war about his fighting a more negative campaign. The truth is that Barack Obama has spent more money on negative attack ads against John McCain than any politician, Democrat or Republican, in history.”

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