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Saturday October 18, 2008 11:00 pm

Roast of McCain and Obama

Posted by Cecilia Categories: Elections, Humor, Media, Videos,

In case you haven’t been watching CNN all day long like I have (I know, exciting), John McCain and Barack Obama roasted each other on Thursday night at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner. If your idea of “funny” is along the lines of Bob Saget’s roast on Comedy Central, then this probably isn’t your brand of humor. However, if you’ve been following the election religiously, tuning in to all of the debates and torturing yourself with each repetitive news brief, then this will serve as a much needed mini-vacation. In stark contrast to Tuesday night’s showdown over campaign ads, this forum gave the candidates a chance to lighten the mood. It also gave Americans the chance to see the candidates as human (as opposed to political robots) and funny. Or as having the ability to read the speech of someone who is mildly funny.

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