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Sunday January 25, 2009 4:54 pm

Obama’s Tax Plan Similar To 2001 Failed Plan

Posted by Sal Traina Categories: Editorials, History, US Economy,


After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the US’s economy took a big hit. At the time, then President George Bush thought a stimulus(tax rebate) would help the economy recover. After two years of analysis, the government decided that their plan to “inject” money to the economy did nothing to help it’s condition. It didn’t help.

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In 2003, a new plan was laid out. George Bush’s plans to cut taxes across the board. The result was record low unemployment, gains in the stock market, an increase in the country’s GDP, and lower taxes for all tax payers. The reason for the 2003 success was because lower taxes increase intensives to work, save, and invest, which creates jobs. That is what increases economic growth. Liberals, or, critics of this plan, argue that the economy recovered naturally, and no plan was needed to boost the economy. They ignore the sudden turn around in business investment, employment percentages, and stock market numbers.

In 2009, our economy is in a recession once again, and once again, the government wants to inject money into the economy, and try to stimulate it. The reason it didn’t work in 2001 is because just throwing money at the problem doesn’t create an intensive. As a matter of fact, investment spending decreased by 23%. If liberals argue that an economy can naturally recover, why don’t they try that first. When you give people or businesses money that they didn’t have to work for, how will that help this situation? It won’t.

My opinion is that everyone, including Obama, knows that his 850 billion dollar plan to rescue the economy is nothing more than a bill designed to make government more powerful.(I’ll have a post about that soon) This also supports my argument that people do NOT learn from history. Why bother looking back to past success stories? Why bother doing what works? The reason is because the government knows that most people are too naive to do a little research, and would rather just follow their President with blind faith. Like I always say, conservatism is what is needed to fix the problems cause by socialism. When will people learn?

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“Like I always say, conservatism is what is needed to fix the problems cause by socialism.”

I beg to differ.  Not that Socialism causes problems, but rather that conservatism is the cure. Conservatism has brought us our current police state (and if you don’t think we are living in a police state you haven’t been paying attention), a war on drugs that has done exactly the same thing for drugs that prohibition did for alcohol. It put the trade into the hands of thugs and killers. No knock warrants, warrantless surveillance, and a belligerent foreign policy. This is the legacy of conservatism!  The Old Right died long ago.

If that’s the cure, I’ll pass!  It’s not that the Bush tax cuts were a failure; it was that cutting taxes while increasing spending was a failure.

LIBERTY is the cure for socialism! And conservatives wouldn’t know liberty if it bit them in the ass.  There is no such thing as unfettered capitalism in modern America, any reduction in regulation leads to increased exploitation of the market place through lobbyists and special interests in DC.  The Housing Bubble is a prime example. It was not a failure of the market; it was a failure of government.

The government skews the playing field and blames the market when those policies fail.

Enron, WorldComm, and Tyco are primes examples of companies that engaged in unsavory practices.  The free market isn’t perfect, you will never hear me claim otherwise, but consider this…

There are 20 million businesses (as of 2000) in the US, of those, 20,000 have 500 or more employees.  The number of scandals in the free market is minuscule to the point of microscopic.  Now consider that there 535 members of Congress and how many scandals have there been?

The percentages aren’t even close!  Yet, (and these blogs are a good example) people look to government for the solution and blindly follow what our representatives have to say.

Look at the two percentages and explain to me why everyone is backing the wrong horse.

“You only have to worry about surveillance if you’re a terrorist.”

Pull your head out of the sand!

WAY WRONG ANSWER. This law has been turned on everyday Americans for ANYTHING.  This is ALWAYS the case with such increases in police power. It is intended for one purpose, but quickly used for ALL purposes.

I don’t know who Alex Jones is, but thanks for playing.

What the difference between a liberal and a conservative? There isn’t one, they both seek to impose their will/vision/values on everyone else.

Conservatives are all about individual responsibility, and equal rights. They don’t impose their wills/visions on anyone. Just like we have freedom of speech, you have the freedom not to listen…or read.  Don’t try to put George Bush in the Conservative column. That’s what you’re getting at with this over-exaggerated, paranoid, spooky, “we’re all being watched” ########. He was blamed for surveillance of people, but you know what? Barack Obama is continuing the same surveillance program too. The same program that has saved the Sears Tower, and the largest building in Los Angeles from being blown up…among other things. Give me one example of why I should worry about surveillance…if a Conservative is running the government. (not a neocon, not a Republican..a Conservative) You know…a person who believes in limited government, individual rights, and the Constitution.  Go take your argument over to one of those conspiracy blogs that are full of paranoid burnouts, and other people that fall for everything they hear. Conservatives are a rare group, and are confused a lot with the Republicans that are ruining their image with over-spending, over-taxing, socialist programs, and not SERVING THE PEOPLE.<——-the government serving the people is a Conservative idea. Socialism is everyone together(collectivism) serving the government.  As far as Alex Jones, he’s out of his mind….that’s why I recommend him to you. You two are one in the same.

Speaking of delusional!

I’m neither a conspiracy theorists, nor do I believe everything I hear, but thanks again for playing blind man’s bluff.

Well, no kidding Obama is continuing ALL those policies. There was NO REAL CHOICE in this election.

And there is only one member of Congress who ACTUALLY believes in limited government and individual liberty and his name is Ron Paul and he ISN’T a conservative.

Looking forward to this debate, it’s been a while since I chewed up a conservative, debating liberals gets old after a while.

Paul is a racist, homophobic wackjob, that believes the US was responsible for 9/11. He has mostly Conservative values, except for the fact that he would rather suck a dictator’s dick than fight him. He has no balls.  The only thing he’s right on is the economy, and immigration. Put the bong down for a little while Mr 420 Man…..the weed is turning your mind into mush. There’s a reason nobody voted for Paul.
I had a feeling about you. Once again, that’s why I recommended Alex Jones to you. He and your man with no balls, Ron Paul are buddies.  Take your libertarian ass over to his blogs….and pick up that dimebag on the way out..you idiot burnout.

Like a liberal, when YOU run out of substance it’s all about insults.

Well, this idiot burnout can do better than high school debating tactics. Ron Paul a racist and a homophobe? LOL! Good luck backing that up with any but your words because it’s not accurate.

For all your talk about conservatism, when push comes to shove you show your true colors and pull out your neo-con death cult membership card. Nicely done!

“Peace and commerce with all nations, entangling alliances with none”. Ring a bell? I suppose you think Jefferson a whack-job too.

9/11 was a direct result of our Middle East foreign policy, but it in NO WAY justifies the murder of 3000 civilians on that day, any more than 9/11 justifies the massive civilian deaths that we have caused since then.

Obams recently said if missiles were endangering his daughters, he would “do anything” to stop them.  Gee, you think anyone else feels that way?  It won’t stop him from doing exactly what his predecessor did, but what else is new?

I suppose if the roles were reversed, and you were sitting at home while bombs were raining down, you’d shrug and say, “Well, it’s for the best!”  Yeah, right!

You’re a nationalist, nothing more, nothing less.  My team right or wrong isn’t that right?

Well, this idiot burnout has a better knowledge of history, economics, and government than you do and your blogs prove it.  If all you have is hypocrisy and insults this is going to be a turkey shoot!

Not going anywhere Sal, it takes more than insults and nationalist propaganda to do that!

“Not only did you not answer my question about Conservatives”

Where’s the question?  The only question you asked is if I listened to Alex Jones. Check your posts Sal, where’s the question?

You see, you have to ask a question to get an answer, Go ahead and ask it, and don’t think for a second that I’ll back away just because you ask one.  You can rest assured I’ll answer it.

Still with the insults? You do realize you’re looking like a fool with this stuff don’t you?

C/mon Sal!  And back up your claims about Rom Paul’s racism and homophobia while your at it.

And if you wish to discuss Obama’s tax plan, fine I’ll do that too, though we’ll probably both agree it’s a loser, so I’m not sure what your goal is there.  I’ll take on ANY topic you care to take up, there’s nothing you can bring up that I haven’t debated many times over.

Whattaya got for me Sal?

Your pipe dreams of nonintervention are disgusting. Get with the real world pal. I think you’ve spent too much time in your parent’s dust filled basement watching Loose Change videos, and listening to your idol, Ted Nugent. The United States NEEDS to protect it’s interests and allies where ever that might be. I don;t think you want to debate a victim of terrorism on any terrorist attack…so lets just get that straight right now. There was already a war declared on us way before we knew anything. Read up on your history instead of High Times….in all seriousness…send me an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you really want to talk politics..I think you can be useful to a new political show coming there soon..

“The definition of conservatism is very broad but in essence has a few basic tenets that most conservatives will agree upon.

Less taxes

Gun Rights

Property Rights

Less government

Strong Defense”

Yep, I would agree with all of those, I’m sure you had a point in there somewhere, what was it?

“Libertarians and true conservatives”

As a libertarian and I am a libertarian, you just called me a true conservative!  I tell ya, you boys are a hoot! ROFL!

Oh Sal, you said the War on Drugs was a liberal thing?  Well, who revamped the law and created the Schedule 1 system?  That was Nixon, and I think we can agree that Nixon was NO Conservative.  Now, who brought the War on Drugs to its current incarnation?  That would be Reagan.  Was Reagan a Conservative?  If you say yes, your argument that the War on Drugs is a liberal thing falls on its face. If you say no, then what the hell is a conservative?  Sal contradiction #1, and there will be more!

It’s pretty funny that the ones hurling all of the insults are telling me to grow up. ROFL!  How about defending your position instead of sophomoric debating tactics?

“Do I think that many of our freedoms have been infringed upon as a result of “Security”. Absolutely”


You’ve got it backwards by the way, libertarians are NOT true conservatives, but many true conservatives are libertarians, they just don’t know it.  News Flash! Your party has deserted you, and DOES NOT represent conservative values.

“Fact Ron Paul is a Republican!:

By party affiliation alone, he’s not a Republican and he would say so himself.  He is self described Austro-libertarian.  Do you know what that is?  He’s not a Republican.

“The terms of neo cons and conservatives are not synonymous.”

Gee, you don’t say…well, DUH!

“ll major libertarians in modern American politics have come out of the republican party.”

Not true, some have, but there are plenty of liberals who made the switch.  No one I know of started off as a libertarian.

“The party is doing some huge revamping.”

Uh-huh.  Right!  Is this the same blind devotion I see from the left for the new Messiah?  Yep, it is.  You’re setting yourself up for the same disappointment. Your party will do exactly what both parties ALWAYS do when in power, cater to lobbies and special interests.  So much for ideals!

Riveting comment. So smart…what a great read.


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