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Sunday October 26, 2008 1:41 pm

More Radical Ties, More Media Bias

Posted by Sal Traina Categories: Editorials, Elections, Media,


If America saw the video The Los Angeles Times is holding, Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama wouldn’t be elected.

The L.A. Times has a video from 2003 that shows Barack Obama celebrating a going away party with a group of Palestinians who are openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama gave a toast to former Palestinian Liberation Organization (P.L.O.) operative, Rashid Khalidi at this celebration.

L.A. Times writer, Peter Wallston said he watched video taken at the Khalidi going away party. When asked by reporters if he was going to release the video or not,he said as far as he was concerned he was through with the story.

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Wallsten, wrote about Barack Obama’s close association with former Palestinian operative Rashid Khalidi back in April. Wallsten discussed the dinner held back in 2003 in honor of Khalidi, a critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights.

At the dinner, a Palestinian-American recited a poem accusing the Israeli government of terrorism in its treatment of Palestinians and sharply criticizing U.S. support of Israel. If Palestinians cannot secure their own land, she said, “then you will never see a day of peace.” Another speaker compared “Zionist settlers on the West Bank” to Osama Bin Laden, saying both had been “blinded by ideology.”

During the dinner, Obama made a toast to Khalidi, and spoke of his many talks with the Khalidis, Barack said, the the conversations had been “consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases… It’s for that reason that I’m hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation—a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table,” but around “this entire world.”

Here’s just a few things the P.L.O. member, Khalidi believes. Khalidi glorifies anti-Israel violence as contributing to “political enlightenment” and unsurprisingly admires those who carry it out. His loyalty to Palestinian terrorist groups run so deep that he actually dedicated his 1986 book to the P.L.O. members “who gave their lives in defense of the cause of Palestine and independence of Lebanon.” The book condones P.L.O. violence against Israelis and Lebanese, as well as the Syrian occupation.

Imagine if the Palins or the McCains had dinner with anti-semites, or imagine if they had dinner a few times with someone like radio host, Don Imus. The media would be all over it, calling the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, John McCain and Sarah Palin biggots. The media would do stories on McCain’s judgment and radical ties…especially if they had video.

Instead, the L.A. Times, who openly endorses Barack Obama will not release the video. Perhaps, it’s because Obama is having trouble with Jewish voters, and his media buddies are doing him a favor. Whatever the case is, it’s just another example of how irresponsible our news outlets have become.

Below, is a recent broadcast of Hannity’s America, with Sean Hannity. The show has some great information on Rashid Khalidi. You’ll see Obama distance himself from Khalidi at a synagogue in Florida. Am I the only person who sees a pattern here?



You are not alone, Sal, I’ve seen the pattern throughout the campaign.

Holy cow emo!! I never thought of it that way. Giving money to a public education organization is exactly the same as praising and toasting a man at a Jew-bashing dinner…and bragging about having the guy who was Yassir Arafat’s buddy over to the house for dinner many times. Your equivocation was on point buddy. I doesn’t at all, sound like what Alan Colmes said on Hannity and Colmes last night, and made himself look like a total idiot. You should start writing your own blog, You might be on to something here.

First of all. McCain gave money to a college fund that Khalidi happened to be part of. It was way before this dinner even happened. It was probably before the Obama’s started t have the Khalidi’s over for dinner.  Also, when I wrote this blog, I got the story from an actual news source… not some far left, or far right blog.
You’re totally igoring a pattern that is very clear. Obama surrounds himself with people that hate America, Isreal, capitalism, and the Constitution. He even wrote in his book, Dreams Of My Father, that he “sought out” these types of radical people….even “Marxists.”

Better luck next time Emo Colmes.


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