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Friday October 3, 2008 10:53 pm

Jessica Alba + Hayden Panettiere + A Muzzle = HOT!

Posted by Dennis Velasco Categories: Elections, Humor, Videos,

Okay, I get the message… I need to vote.  Considering that I already plan to vote as I have every single time when I’ve HAD TO (yes, I say it like my life depends on it because it sort of does), I can totally ignore the depth behind the surface of this video and totally just focus on the facade.  And that facade is HOT!  Seriously, you have Jessica Alba and a bubbly Hayden Panettiere (she’s legal now, right?) promoting A MUZZLE!  I’m not saying I’m into S&M or anything like that (but check out the website for this - TheMuzzler.com), nor do I approve of the symbolic “a girl should just look pretty and not speak” (remember, I’m not about depth in this post), but these two can make anything look HOT!

Have I emphasized the hotness of this yet?

In all seriousness, I can appreciate it when people, whoever they are, can go against the grain and make fun of themselves to whatever degree.  And while Alba and Panettiere do it well, in the end, it really is a funny video with a very strong message for people, especially the youth, to go out there and vote.  SO young people, please register and vote.  Damn, I guess I lied about not looking for the depth in this video.

I just figured that your life depended on voting as well.



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