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I’m sure Bill Gates’ home is “tricked out” as far as the most advanced technology is concerned.  I’ve heard of rooms that change the artwork and temperature as it detects you entering. A very lucky British family of four will be trying out what looks to be a run-of-the-mill 5 bedroom home which rivals anything I’ve seen on MTV Cribs.  The home that will be closely monitored, and will include such extravagant features like:

  • not turning on the sprinklers when its raining
  • viewing live camera feeds from your cell phone when not home
  • censoring television and Internet content for individual tastes (and the kids)
  • garden awning retracts/expands according to the weather
  • self cleaning windows
  • automatic shirt ironer
  • phone/intercom systems in all rooms
  • blinds automatically open and kitchen brews coffee every morning
  • can detect flooding and shut off water valves to prevent excessive damage (even text messages you to call the plumber)
  • control lights via SMS to make potential burglars hesitate
  • control your heating system before you enter in from the cold

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I can tell you that portable usb drives can be quite convenient. They fit right in your pocket and hold a decent amout of storage space.  I can also tell you that growing up Swiss Army knives were very handy to have around. Need a toothpick, scissors, nail clipper, corkscrew? I’d whip out my SAK and go to town.  For $69.99 , not only is this defenitly a cool way to display your drive in public, it has a built in ballpoint pen and LED light.  Disguised as a knife, you’re bound to see longer lines at airports.

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If you bought a 1GB drive in the past few months, you’re kicking yourself in the pants right about now.  Sandisk now offers their smallest flash drive in 2GB format for $199.99.  Of course, this item is currently backordered on their site, and probably will remain that way for some time.  This version of the Micro complies with their MP3 companion (shown above) that allows you to listen to your mp3’s that you’ve dragged and dropped from your computer. Very cool.

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Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Lock

Absolute genius is the only words that can describe this product.  If you live by yourself, don’t bother reading this and consider yourself lucky.  If my wife eats my Chocolate Chocolate Chip one more time, it’ll be because she cracked the code on this baby.  Keep your roommates and kids guessing with this one of a kind ice cream lock and guarantee that people in your household will hate you for it. They’ll only hate you because they know that if it wasn’t there, they’d be in your stash.

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Samsung flash memory
Samsung announced May 30th that they had begun to mass produce a new, more dense memory module.  The “new” chip was actually designed in 2003, but it’s taken a while for the technology to catch up to the concept.  Based on 70 nanometer technology, the new chipset from Samsung promises 50% faster memory - approaching 16MB per second - along with 4GB of storage.

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American Idol camcorderOkay, we know that when you first hear that an American Idol Digital Camcorder exists, your first reaction might be to leave the site, never to return.   However once you actual see and play with Digital Blue’s American Idol Digital Camcorder, you discover how wrong your first reaction was.  You see, the product is powerful and yet easy to use from both a hardware and software standpoint. This is the camera I dreamed about having when I was a kid.

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iPod shuffle

In an interesting turn of events, it appears that Apple may be prepared to release 2 GB and 4 GB iPod shuffles. The suspected timeline for release according to DigiTimes would see the 2 GB shuffle hitting the market sometime next month, with a 4 GB model to follow in August. Why is it that I think this is interesting? Well, flash memory is more expensive than a hard drive of the same capacity. This would mean that a 4 GB iPod shuffle could potentially end up costing more than a 4 GB iPod mini. Not sure how well that would go over with the masses.

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ColdplayIf you needed proof that we now live in a digital age, here it is.  The band Coldplay had their hopes of a #1 debut for their newest single dashed this weekend when “Crazy Frog Axle F,” a wildly popular ring tone, sold more copies.  That’s right – a mobile phone ring tone is topping the charts in the UK right now. 

Update: It has been falsely reported, with the popularity of this super-hot new ringtone, that the song was originally written less than a decade ago by a 17-year-old Swedish student.  However, a sharp-eyed reader pointed out that the song is much older – appearing on the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack in 1984.

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iPodderX 3.0

MacMerc has reviewed the popular webcast client iPodder X to give us insight as to whether we should fork over $24.95 to purchase.  What do you get for your money? Besides the client itself you’re registered to win an iPod shuffle or iPod photo. Those of you that already own version 2.0 can get 3.0 for free now. For what it’s worth, the guys at MacMerc really like it.

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Basketball Blind
New technology may level the playing field, or more accurately, the court, making sure that hoop dreams (or even just a back-yard game of one-on-one) are pleasures no longer reserved for those with good vision.

Ultra-lightweight sound-emitting devices embedded in the ball and placed on the backboard allow blind and visually impaired players to shoot hoops with more independence, since they can hear the location of the ball and the basket.  The prototype isn’t perfect, but shows quite a bit of promise in opening up the world of sports to anyone who wants to play.

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