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Win An Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 Free

So you’ve seen the new big ‘X’ and after some drooling you want one of your very own. Well here’s your chance to own one for free. Microsoft is giving one out along with Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3. Go ahead and register, what do you have to lose? You have until May 23rd to get in on this, so break out your .net Passport.

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Nintendo Nintendo’s next generation console, code named Revolution, will launch in mid 2006 according to an earnings report by the system’s memory technology provider. This information was obtained during an earnings call with executives and analyst.

”Then, according to a transcript of the call, Voll said, “We are excited to be a participating member of the Nintendo team once again, as Nintendo will roll out and success game console to the GameCube in mid-2006.” (Emphasis added.) Presuming that the transcriber misquoted Voll saying “a successor game console” as “and success console,” it means that Nintendo’s next-gen console will arrive just over a year from now.”

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Nuclear PowerWould you believe it?  Think about the possibilities this holds for the tech sector…  No more replacing the battery in your laptop… your cell phone… your gameboy…  Just one battery that lasts and lasts, thanks to the modern implementation of nuclear power by way of harnessing the power of radioactive decay.  I keep hoping that nuclear power will someday become a viable alternative to traditional power sources, and with the knowlege we have now I think it may happen within my lifetime.

A new type of battery based on the radioactive decay of nuclear material is 10 times more powerful than similar prototypes and should last a decade or more without a charge, scientists announced this week.

This is one of the most awesome things we’ve ever read.

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Microsoft OneCare Microsoft is testing out a new subscription PC Tune Up service with the help of their employees.  They have distributed copies of the software to all their employees this past week and will be launching an invitation only test this summer.  This software will be similar to Symantec’s large array of titles, as it aims to protect it’s users from viruses, spam, and also provide tools to help your computer perform better.  There is no estimated price for the subscription or launch date, but the testing is expected to be in full force by the end of the year.

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DescriptionWith the MTV special out of the way and E3 happening next week Microsoft has finally revealed system specs for the Xbox 360.  Whether it be the OurColony.net Video or that horrid excuse for an unveiling we’re bringing you this info straight from the source which some of you may have seen, Xbox.com. Click below to see some of the specs.

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I have previously stated that I believe it is important for anyone running a business on the Internet to at least become familiar with the basic aspects of web design and HTML. Of course, if you have concentrated your knowledge on the business side of things and aren’t prepared to learn a programming language in order to come up with a dynamite web design, there are those who will happily offer you their services to do it for you. In fact, the $50 per hour or so you may spend could very well pay off nicely in other areas of the business. As an example, most web designers that I know will also do images. This means you can have one person work on your entire branding model - with your input and feedback, of course. This allows you to have complete synergy between your website, business cards, letterhead, brochures, and any other branded materials you may want to use. Another thing you may consider is having a designer create your logo along with a color scheme and web page template. All you would need to do is input the actual text and images into the site, but you would have your logo done and a template which you could use whenever you want to add a new page/section to your website.

While $50 an hour (which can be low) sounds like a bit much, more than likely you will be able to get a great end result that you will stick with - and build your company around - for many years. My advice would just be to make sure you have an active role in the creative process, and do not settle for a finished product that you are not happy with. Be certain that the design laid out meets your needs, as well as the needs of your target audience.

In this day and age, it is hard for me to imagine that anyone out there would still be connecting to the Internet on anything less than a high-speed connection. The problem there, though, is that if I neglect that fact that there are still many millions connecting at 56k speeds (or slower!) then my web design could end up detracting many of those in my target audience. Bell and whistles are nice in just about every place except the Internet. Online, simple and clean will beat out over-the-top and fancy just about every time. Consider this when you are coming up with a design for your home on the web. Those surfing on low-speed connections will not have the patience or tolerance to sit and wait for your image filled page to load. More than likely they will hit the stop button, and miss out on the content you aim to provide. Be sure to optimize your images so that they enhance your website, rather than detract from it.

One thing you can do if you plan to have a marketplace which shows a bunch of products is to create thumbnails. Thumbnails are about the size of a stamp, and are just a small preview of the larger image. They are low-resolution and can be downloaded quickly. A link beneath it inviting users to click the image for a larger one gives the choice to the reader on whether they would like to wait for that image to load or not. Also, be sure to remove any excess from images before putting them on the web. Cropping is an excellent way to eliminate both physical screen size of an image, as well as the time it will take for it to be downloaded. You will also need to be sure the image fits into your template on multiple browsers. Be sure to test results in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera - and use a few different resolutions as well. Be sure your image doesn’t break your template or detract from your text.

Users who want to save time may actually disable their web browsers image display function. This means that no matter where they choose to forage on the Internet, no images will be displayed to them. Rather than leave those areas with empty space, you can put in an image description. Just use the description tag, and give a one line description of the image. This way, if the image is not loaded, the viewer will still get the context of what they are supposed to be seeing.

If you have limited knowledge of HTML, the chances are good that you won’t be able to open up Wordpad and code a terrific website. If you are going to run a business on the Internet, it is good to at least get your feet wet when it comes to web design. One very easy way of doing this is to use a WYSIWYG web editor. WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and is pronounced “wizzy-wig”. Using a WYSIWYG editor allows you to see how your page will look to visitors over the Internet as you design it. You have formatting toolbars that can play with text, images, and forms with just a few clicks instead of having to remember HTML tags. If you want to take simple web design for a spin, check out Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or Adobe GoLive. If you want something free, check out XStandard.

Xbox 360 Revealed

Hurray for MTV! So, instead of watching the rest of the Miami Heat VS Washington Wizards game, I decided to give MTV the benefit of the doubt.  They’re working with Microsoft—masters of marketing.  Look at all their products and sales, they know how to sell hardware and software.  Little did I know that the Xbox team must not have watched the final cut. To say the show was terrible is giving it too much credit.  Uselss tidbits like a “live” band and a girl strutting through a large crowd only to show the console for 3 seconds, are satonishing.  For a program that should have been about the new console, very little of the console or games were shown.  Maybe 3 minutes of gameplay, and 3 minutes of console. The “Box” looks impressive, not as stunning as the PS2, but that design looks boring now.  Customization, wireless, absurd amounts of processing power, all very nice.  Lax developers are not good.  Tiger Woods looks like it was built from the ground up on the current Xbox - no thanks EA.

Evil Dead

There has been an interesting relationship between video games and movies. There have been throngs of games based on movies and a few movies based on games. Even fewer is games based on movies that are worth playing and movies based on games that are worth watching. Since you can watch DVDs on a PS2, Xbox, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 I thought it would be nice to whip up a list of fifteen recommended movies for gamers. Some of these may require you to call around until you find a l33t video store that stocks said movie but it would be well worth it. Let’s begin shall we?

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