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Bleeding Edge 058: Dissecting The Microsoft Zune

Okay, so the Microsoft Zune launches on Tuesday, and we are just positive that you just have to know what it looks like on the inside, right? No? Well, hopefully you enjoy our Zune disassembly video nonetheless, because we show you all the innards that comprise the Zune and make the device tick. Heck, we even put it back together as a FrankenZune, and then put it all back together in super-fast motion. If that isn’t worth it, we don’t know what is…

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Gear Live Gallery: Microsoft Zune Dissected

So we have been playing around with a couple of Zune’s here at Gear Live HQ for a little bit, and decided that we would give you all a peek at the innards of Microsoft’s soon-to-launch digital media player. Jump on over to our Zune Dissection Gallery to get a glimpse of each and every piece that is inside the device that you will all be wanting come November 14. We snapped over 40 images of the take-apart process, so we hope you enjoy it. No worries, the Zune wasn’t harmed in the least, and is now back together, fully functional.

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