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Michael Jackson Doc Thanks His Supporters

Dr. Conrad Murray has become the most infamous name in the investigation. A frequent target for DEA raids in the course of the investigation, Murray is believed to have administered Propofol to Jackson. This could have caused the singer’s untimely death. No formal charges have been brought against Murray.

He’s now posted a YouTube video, ostensibly because he is “afraid to return phone calls or use my email.” In his message, the doctor thanks patients and friends for the supportive messages they’ve been sending. “Your messages give me strength and courage and keep me going. They mean the world to me.”

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Zune HD footage shows off touchscreen interface

Here’s a bit of footage taken at the GDGT launch, where the Zune folks were on hand to give people a look at Microsoft’s upcoming competitor. The rule was that no photos or videos could be shot, but you know how well that goes over in a room full of gadget geeks. Yeah. Over a minute of Zune HD interface footage is featured above, so go ahead and behold the beauty.

VIZIO VBR100 Blu-ray player gets unboxed on video

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My friend Tyler Pruitt from over at Format War Central got his hands on one of the new VBR100 players from Wal-mart - you know, the Profile 2.0 player that sells for just $178? Check out an unboxing of the device above, along with some thoughts on the pros and cons of this player.

Unreleased ‘Watchmen’ Cartoon Surfaces

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Harry Partridge is the brainchild behind this clever spoof of what could have been a late 80s action/adventure cartoon. Hailing from the UK, the Swindon native has cultivated a strong following on his YouTube channel, Happy Harry Toons, with nearly 16,000 subscribers to date.

A renaissance wunderkind, the 21-year-old has written, directed, scored, acted, et cetera all of his cartoons; lulling viewers into a false sense of security with a clean exterior and friendly characters, then beating them senseless with sledgehammer punchlines. Currently, Happy Harry Toons has fifteen of Partridge’s unique animated sequences online for viewing; ranging from 15-second blips to two and half minute shorts.

You can read about the talented indie-animator’s current projects on Newsgrounds. Partridge gives a candid interview with KittySneezes.com on his artistic influences and work process. His devientART profile is a great source for his still work and concept art for projects in development. And if his blog ever starts up, his first and only post from January 2008, can be read here.

Video: DIY Laser Lighter

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I’m not a smoker, and I don’t carry a lighter around in case anyone needs a light.  However, I could totally see myself with a miniature laser lighter.  In fact, if you want to build one, feel free to grab a BIC Lighter, a blue laser diode, two 1.5 cell batteries, two magnets, and check Instructables for details on how to assemble a Cheapy Laser Lighter Burner. 

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Chris Brown Benefits from YouTube Wedding Clip

While it’s still unclear whether anyone’s buying Chris Brown’s videotaped apology, people are starting to buy his music again. Why? Well, he has Jill and Kevin to thank.

The popular YouTube clip from the couple’s wedding has sparked a boost in sales for the single “Forever.” According to Billboard, the song was downloaded 50,000 times over the last period. That’s the biggest week Chris has had since last December.

Let’s just hope this marriage fares better than Brown’s last relationship…

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Bleeding Edge TV 312: Xbox 360 August 2009 Dashboard Update Walkthrough

A few days ago we did a quick post of our Xbox 360 August Dashboard Update video, promising that we’d publish the actual video podcast version later. Well, here it is. In case you missed it, we give you a 35-minute full walkthrough of the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update, giving you a look at the new features, Avatar Marketplace, Games on Demand, Indie Games, and more. Go ahead and give it a look for all the goods. Definitely a nice, solid Xbox 360 update.

Video: Xbox 360 August 2009 Dashboard Update Hands-on

We know a lot of you have been excited about the August 11th Xbox 360 Dashboard Update, so we figured that while we were waiting for the transcodes to finish for Bleeding Edge TV, we’d also throw our walkthrough of the update onto our YouTube account as well. Go ahead and give it a look, as we bring you 35 minutes of Dashboard goodness. The “real” episode should be out later this evening, if not by the end of the weekend.

Let us know if we missed anything that you’d like us to cover in the comments.

YouTube 3D video testing spotted

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YouTube 3D

I’m sure you have noticed with all the 3D movies in the theaters these days, that 3D is the latest thing—or, at least, the latest returning thing.  Well, it wouldn’t be the first time, and there have been a barrage of products at last January that seem to tell us that 3D is not only back, but it might be here to stay. 

It would appear that YouTube is trying to get its hand in the 3D game.  YouTube is currently testing out the idea of 3D videos by offering a few 3D View Style options.  Granted, contributors will have to purchase special (and often expensive) video cameras in order to display their mundane activities in 3D, but it could be worth it. You can check out one of the 3D videos on YouTube now.

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Ads with sound hit Xbox 360 dashboard

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Well, how’s this for a slap in the face? It looks like ads that have sound incorporated into them have come to the dashboard. As you can see in the video above, the ad appears in a tile, and if you bring that tile into primary view, sound automatically plays - even if you don’t select the ad. That’s pretty low, considering you paid for the console, paid for the games, and more than likely, pay $50 a year for an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. Here’s hoping that in the Xbox 360 Fall 2009 dashboard update doesn’t bring even more advertising with it.