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Windows Phone finally gets a real, functional YouTube app

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YouTube Windows Phone app

Windows Phone users have been patiently waiting for a full-fledged YouTube app, and today it has finally arrived. Replacing the glorified mobile web version of YouTube "app," the new version brings all the native Windows Phone 8 love in parity with YouTube's standard features. You can share videos to other social networks, log in to your account to access your favorites and playlists, and even do stuff like set videos, channels, and even search queries as Live Tiles on the homescreen--something unique to Windows Phone. You can grab the new Windows Phone YouTube app right now.

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Google releases official YouTube app for iPhone

YouTube iOS app

YouTube, the baked-in but soon-to-be-exiled from iOS 6 app, is back in the form of a Google-submitted app in Apple's App Store. The timing couldn't be more perfect since the public release of iOS 6 is just eight days away. Apple is slowly but surely detoxifying itself from Google. So, if you're thinking of updating your hardware to iOS 6 next week, and can't live without watching your precious cat videos, be sure to download this app. An iPad-optimized version will be released "shortly." Also, be sure to subscribe to Gear Live on Youtube.

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Apple removing YouTube from iOS 6, Google working on standalone app

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YouTube iPhone removal

Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 this morning to developers, and one change that was immediately apparent is that the YouTube app has been removed. YouTube was revealed as the final, 12th built-in app for the original iPhone shortly before its launch, and has been a part of iOS (nee iPhone OS) since the very beginning. Of course, Apple is looking to get away from relying on Google products in its operating system as evidenced by the removing of Google Maps from the mapping app.

We've received word that Google is currently working on a standalone, official YouTube app that users will be able to download from the App Store for free. All in all, we don't find this to be much of a big deal. There are plenty of Google apps that can be found in the App Store, and putting YouTube there as well makes perfect sense.