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Why did Nokia review its own Lumia 620 on its own site?

Nokia Lumia 620 review

Can someone explain to me why Nokia is now reviewing its own Windows Phone smartphones on its own corporate blog? This just screams conflict of interest. In fact, it doesn't appear that the reviewer had anything bad to say about the Nokia Lumia 620 - but hey, it matched the green jumper he happened to be wearing that day, so, that's something…right?

The company just changed the headline, removing the word "review" and replacing it with "hands-on" while adding this note to the post:

This article was first headlined as a ‘review’, obviously, it’s more of a hands-on account of Adam’s experiences and the headline has been changed to reflect that.

They don't seem to realize that, whether you call it a hands-on or a review, it is 100% biased. Seriously, the "reviewer" found nothing wrong and nothing about the device that could be improved. Horrible.

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Gossip Girl: From OMFG to WTF

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Early last spring, the CW got people talking with its OMFG campaign. Now the network has Gossip Girl fans saying “WTF”? (For the uninitiated, that means “Watch This Fall.” Natch.)

Based on the scenes in these clips (there are more after the jump), it looks as if the drama will continue far into the college years. What shocking moments are ahead of us? Dan kissing Georgina. Nate smooching a new woman in another form of transportation. Carter shirtless with horses. And, wait for it—Blair letting Dan touch her hair. WTF indeed!

Season 3 of premieres Monday, Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. (a new time).

(To get a look at TV Envy’s 2009 Fall Programming Schedule, click here.)

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WTF?: Danity Kane on Nashville Star

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When the words ‘pop goes country’ are uttered, images of Kristy Lee Cook singing just about anything on run through my mind.

So imagine my confusion when I saw this clip of Danity Kane performing on . Couldn’t they have at least attempted to change up their song a bit? Wasn’t that the whole theme of last night’s competition? Were the girls only comfortable sticking to something they’ve practiced a thousand times over on Making the Band? But really - why was a group formed by Diddy on a show called Nashville Star to begin with?

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WTF of the Day: Doggy Style Pencil Sharpener

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Doggy Style pencil sharpener

No, we don’t know where to buy it. No, we don’t know who made it. What we do know is that we need one of these pencil sharpeners on our desk, and we need it now.

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