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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Delayed Until 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Now this is what I call a tease.

After being shown the best Harry Potter trailer to date, Warner Bros. has cruelly pulled the rug out from under eager fans. , originally scheduled for a Nov. 21 release, will now debut next July.

According to Alan Horn, Warner’s chief operating officer, the surprising decision was the result of the lengthy . Due to production delays, the studio doesn’t foresee having other blockbusters ready in time for the upcoming summer season.

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Possible Extended Season for Heroes

Heroes, cheerleaderAlthough last year’s cut many production schedules in half, the work stoppage may actually create a scheduling windfall for viewers next season.

When debuted in September, the series was originally slated to deliver 24 episodes.  Unfortunately, fans were left with only 11 by the time the saga ended.  (Given the dipping ratings, maybe some time off was really in the drama’s best interest.)  According to Entertainment Weekly, the shortened calendar may now translate into an extended 2008-09 season.  It’s possible we may see up to 35 episodes next fall.

Those of you still wanting to catch up better mark your calendars now.  Heroes will kick off its return with a three-hour event on Monday, September 15.

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Entertainment Weekly

Scrubs Says Goodbye to NBC

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Although the Sacred Heart gang is only scheduled for two more episodes, no official announcement has been made by NBC as to the fate of it’s long-running comedy.  The network has also neglected to give ’ possible series finale any ramped-up promotion.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio’s indifference may have to do with the show’s new home.  What seemed to be just a wishful dream earlier is now apparently coming true:  Scrubs will getting a new life at ABC.

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HBO Fills Fall Schedule

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Big Love castAs if I didn’t have enough TV to watch during the fall season…

Earlier today, I was informed that two of my reasons to love the summer have sadly been taken away from me.  Thanks to the writers’ strike, several programs normally enjoyed during the off-months will now have to fight for space on my Tivo much later this year.

Shows affected by the production delay include , Entourage, Flight of the Conchords and new drama True Blood.

I’m not sure what to do with myself.  I guess I might actually have to take a vacation now.

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TV Guide

Oh Brother, More Big Brother Coming

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Big Brother logoDespite lackluster ratings this winter, CBS has opted to run another edition of this upcoming summer. Although a start date has not yet been announced, it’s quite possible we’ll be seeing back-to-back installments of the reality show.

The voyeuristic program has been a staple on the Eye network’s summer schedule since 2000.  Thanks to the writers’ strike, a special season was ordered and began airing on February 12th.  Although the show has seen moderate success during the less crowded television calendar, it has experienced a large ratings hit during the colder months.  A lot of that blame goes to .

Big Brother‘s first eight seasons have primarily aired between July and September.

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24 Movie in the Works

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24, Kiefer SutherlandThe writers’ strike not only put the 2008 season of 24 on hold, it forced the creators to develop a whole new story.

Although Season 7 of the staple is not scheduled to debut until January 2009, the producers are crafting a two-hour movie to help tide us over in the meantime.  The special, slated to air this fall, will be a way of filling in the time gaps between the last season and the next.

Eight episodes were already in the can prior to the work stoppage; those hours will be part of the upcoming season. This means a whole new script will have to crafted for the prequel that will air prior to series’ premiere.  Production on this inclusion will begin in April.

Be expecting to see a few changes when 24 finally marks its return.  In addition to a location change (the show will move from CTU to Washington, D.C.), the show will have a new female president.

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Will Scrubs Find a New Home on ABC?


The state of affairs for the future of has been growing curiouser and curiouser by the day.  But the latest round of strange developments could produce a nice bonus for devoted fans.

Regular viewers of the show have grown accustomed to seeing their comedy treated poorly over the years.  Time shifts, day shifts, long hiatuses…but this viewing season has been particularly hard for Sacred Heart watchers.  Just when we thought the series finale would wrap up on a nice note, the happened. 

Although there are currently five episodes still sitting in the can (those will start airing come April 10), creator Bill Lawrence has been fighting NBC for the chance to shoot more post-strike eps.  Up until recently, it was even rumored that those additional segments may wind up on - of all things - DVD.  Seriously.  Is that how a show gets treated after seven seasons?  Is that how the Peacock execs show their audiences respect?

That’s when stepped in.

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Memorable Moments from the Unmemorable Academy Awards

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Jon Stewart, Academy Awards

Last night’s Best Actor categories were as predictable as the Best Actress races were surprising.  Yesterday’s ceremony was also as disappointing as it was routine.

For months now, we’d been hearing about several plans being orchestrated for the .  If the writers’ strike was still in effect, the producers swore the telecast would continue with packages that celebrated Oscar’s 80-year history.  Interestingly enough, even with the scribes back at work, the show was still horribly written and crammed with unnecessary fillers.  (Even I could have penned ‘the always Fantastic…Jessica Alba’.)

As it was, the winners appeared to have been given less time last night to accept their awards than ever.  (Which may or may not have been a good thing.)  But did really need to rush his lovely speech to his mother?  Did the organizers have to reshow the previous awards presentations?  Did the AMPAS President really need to waste time explaining how the selection process is done??

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Your Daily Reports: They’re Ba-ack!

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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

favorites Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are proudly sporting “Union Made” labels and enjoying a full staff of writers once more, much to the delight (and sheer relief) of fans. Late night TV is finally back on track now that the strike has ended.

With a newfound comfort in front of cameras and a relaxed joy in the air, the hosts resumed their normal duties…this time, with scripts. After weeks of watching them invent ways to fill the gaps in their programs, it was a relief to see them with full episodes once more. Though both did remarkably well under improvisational pressure, I’m happy to see them back at full staff.

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Writers Strike Finally Over

Writers Guild of America logoWe can officially start the jig now.

After more than 3 months on the picket lines, the has finally announced an end to their strike.  Of the 3,775 votes cast, 92.5% elected to stop the walkout.  This means WGA members can resume doing what they do best starting tomorrow.

While it may be weeks before we see new episodes of our favorite shows, this news will immediately affect those programs that churn out daily fare.  This means we should expect to see the return of late-night monologues ASAP.  Meanwhile, the folks behind anticipate a brand new show come Feb. 23rd.  (Of course, in true SNL fashion, that will probably be followed up by a repeat the following weekend.)

Of course, we could be revisiting this whole work stoppage issue again at the end of June; that’s when the current contract between SAG/AFTRA and the is set to expire.

But let’s just think happy thoughts until then, okay?

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