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Flud Condenses A Boombox To Your Wrist

Posted by Aaron Zollo Categories: Accessories, Wearables,

flud boombox watchYou miss the 80s and you want people to know it.  With the new Boombox from Flud, you can flaunt your love of big hair, break dancing and a more simple time, which required large music generating boxes to rest upon your shoulder.  Understanding the need to carry more important things and in an age of portability, Flud has shrunken the Boombox to the wrist and given you a watch to go along with it.  The watch, unfortunately does not feature a working boombox, but does use an LED display, giving a nice red vintage glow.  The watch is available for $90 in silver or gun metal.

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Post-Accident Shia LaBeouf Pictures Released

Shia LaBeouf shows off his injured rest whilst on a smoke break

After spending a few days cooped up at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Shia LaBeouf has finally left his confines for a smoke break, which was more than enough for the paparazzi to snag a few photos of him post-surgery.

Hollywood’s leading man has been quite the center of attention since he and his costar Isabel Lucas were involved in an accident early Sunday morning.

(You can find updates to this story here.)

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