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Wolverine hanging out with wolverines

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Marvel Comics

Hugh Jackman with wolverines

Gotta appreciate what many consider to be the most bad-ass comic book character actor taking it in stride. Here's Hugh Jackman, the man who plays Wolverine, hanging out with actual wolverines. You're welcome.

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Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine Origins Sequel

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Interviews, Movies, Marvel Comics

Filming for the sequel doesn’t begin until January 2011, but


Hugh Jackman is openly sharing his approval of the latest script, written by Christopher McQuarrie (in case his name doesn’t ring a bell for you, he penned The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie).

The film will be based on and Frank Miller’s take on Logan’s experiences in Japan; Jackman confirmed that at least some of the movie will be filmed there.

Jackman was also asked whether or not we’ll see this latest installation in 3D…

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Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

How can it be anything other than a great week when the internets are packed with Malin Akerman swimsuit pictures, an appreciation of classic Superman artist Wayne Boring, a look at best and worst futuristic cop cars, British comics legend Leo Baxendale talking about himself and Bash Street, and Shaolin Robots? Well, it just doesn’t get any better. Read and click your weekend away!

WATCHMEN’S MALIN AKERMAN: The boys (and girls) over at Short List know exactly what fanboys want. They’ve put up a five-click gallery of Malin Akerman (you might know her as Silk Spectre from Watchmen) in the latest swimwear. She looks like she eats right, gets her precious eight hours of sleep, and exercises. It’s the next best thing to Watchmen 2.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

Posted by David Torres Categories: Movies, Reviews, Marvel Comics


Rating: ***

I love Wolverine. Wolverine is my second favorite character in comics - Batman is my first. I’m such a big fan that I named my son James Logan. When I first heard that they were going to do an X-Men movie back in 2000, I was worried because I felt who the hell could they get to play Wolverine? Well, as luck would have it, Bryan Singer cast Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in one of the best casting of an actor in a comic book movie. Not since Christopher Reeve stepped into the shoes of Superman did comic fans look up at the movie screen and feel as if they were watching their favorite character come to life.

The first X-men movie was pretty good, but not great in my opinion. X-2 was amazing and is one of the best comic book movies ever made. X-3 was slammed by both critics and fans, but I liked it. It wasn’t the best movie ever, but by no means the worse. That’s kind of what we have here in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. A movie that is good and fun to watch, but not a great film.

I’m not really sure why this isn’t a great film. I think I would have to see it again and really deconstruct what works here and what doesn’t. If there was one thing that I can put my finger and say that really didn’t work was the Blob. When we first see the Blob as played by Kevin Durand of “LOST”, he is just a big guy with super strength. When Wolverine meets up with him again later in the film, he is big and fat and he and Wolverine fight it out in a boxing ring. The scene is more comical and although it furthers the plot as the Blob informs Wolverine of where he can find Sabertooth and William Stryker, I would not have had them box and I probably wouldn’t have had him be big and fat. I just don’t think with the current make-up and computer technology, they can do that character justice with out making him look silly. That didn’t work for me, but what did work here?

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Marvel Comics Review: Wolverine: Weapon X #1

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Marvel Comics


Rating: ** 1/2*

I haven’t read a X-book in a year or two. Even when I picked up “Uncanny X-men” #500, I didn’t bother reading it because it didn’t interest me. For the longest time, I just haven’t been all that interested in what Marvel has been doing with the world of the X-Men. Ever since they killed Jean and put Scott with Emma, I just could care less.  The only X-Men experiences I have been reading are of Wolverine in the “New Avengers” - which I just dropped. 

When I first heard that Marvel was going to a do a third monthly series featuring Wolverine I almost lost it. I couldn’t believe how stupid Marvel was being with the Wolverine character in their quest to put him in comic after comic, month after month. I wasn’t planning on getting this issue, but with the new Wolverine movie coming out, I began missing the old days when I used to love reading the Wolverine monthly title. Both Chris Claremont and Larry Hama did some amazing stuff on that book. I highly recommend reading those old stories. So I picked up “Wolverine” Weapon X” purely for nostalgia reasons. Did it live up to those old Wolverine stories? No, but it wasn’t completely awful.

This issue focuses on a group of people from Roxxon getting a hold of the Weapon X files in order to make their own group of super soldiers.  Wolverine finds out about this from his old Weapon X buddy Maverick who no longer has his powers thanks to the Scarlet Witch in the “House of M” storyline.  Wolverine decides to stop them and show them that they can’t build a better killing machine because they already did.  Chessy, but whatever.

The story is quick and to the point.  No new ground is broken here and it doesn’t make me want to get the next issue.  Maybe I’ll pick it up - especially if I like the Wolverine movie, but the story has to really pick up in order for me to put this on my pull list.  Ron Garney does a good job with the art, but nothing spectacular.  If you love Wolverine, you’ll probably like this, but if you don’t like Wolverine, you can pass on this.  I hope there are some good Logan stories on the horizon.  I’m starting to really miss him.

Marvel Comics Review: Dark Avengers #1

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Marvel Comics


“Dark Avengers” is a new monthly comic book that was released this week by Marvel Comics.  “Dark Avengers” is a part of the “Dark Reign” storyline that will be going on in Marvel over the next few months or so.  “Dark Reign” deals with the aftermath of the “Secret Invasion” storyline that ended with Norman Osborn and his cabal assuming power behind the scenes in the Marvel Universe.

This first issue is very good, but it’s kind of a been there done that already.  This idea of the Dark Avengers is just a continuation of what was done at the beginning of the “Thunderbolts” comic back in the 90s.  Norman Osborn is in control of the Thunderbolts and at the end of “Secret Invasion,” he is now in command of SHIELD - which he has had dismantled.  In it’s place will be HAMMER and his “new” Avengers.

Osborn’s Avengers consist of what appear to be some familiar faces: Ms Marvel, Spider-man, Hawkeye, and Wolverine.  These are of course not the actual super heroes joining up with Norman Osborn.  In their place instead are various villians taking over the roles - just like the Thunderbolts at the beginning of their series. 

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Random Thoughts For The Weekend


  • Some of them are good, some of them are bad, but there sure are a lot of Wolverine one-shots. In fact, it seems that one comes along every week. I wonder when they will put out a trade of Wolverine one-shots.
  • Not only did I never think of DC’s Shark’s private parts before, but to have them referred to in Secret Six as “dainty” seems a little freaky.
  • Not only did I never think of mechanical creatures having sex before, but Jocasta and Machine Man getting all lubricated in Movie Zombies proves I’m not the only pervert around here.
  • Not only did I never think of Jack Russell (the Werewolf by Night) having a private life, but might he have had second thoughts about getting his wife pregnant?
  • So after 50 years of continuity, it seems that Solomon Grundy can, all of sudden, revert back to human form periodically. Hmmmm. I am thinking of a large green person over in Marvel that’s been doing that for 45 years or so.
  • If you are looking for an odd ball mainstream book to check out, please read Haunted Tank. The idea of Jeb Stuart having a Black descendent is quite cool. But, on the other hand, having the Haunted Tank in the new Sgt Rock mini-series, which professes to be based on a real WWII battle is flat out wrong.
  • Without a great editor (that’s you, Dennis) and a few good friends (that’s you, David and Todd) there is no way that someone as computer illiterate as I could even dream of putting together semi-coherent columns such as this.  Thanks guys. (ED: Man, is Joel ever right… I am great).


Wolverine overload

Posted by David Torres Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics


I know this has been a complaint from everyone over the past few years, but with the Wolverine trailer hitting the net, I felt it was time to mention it here on Comix 411.  There are too many comic books that feature or guest star Wolverine. 

Wolverine currently has three on going monthly series: “Wolverine,” “Wolverine: Origins,” and “Wolverine: First Class”.  He also appears from time-to-time in the X-men books (Uncanny, Legacy, and Astonishing), X-Force, New Avengers, various mini-series and crossovers.  I thought it was ridiculous in the 90s, but it’s actually gotten worse.

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Finally, the Wolverine Trailer!

Posted by Jonas Hinckley Categories: Editorials, Movies, Marvel Comics


May 1st suddenly feels like a long ways off. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer has arrived in its official glory after bouncing around the intertubes all weekend YouTube style, and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Check it out below the fold…

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New Wolverine photos posted on Marvel.com

Posted by David Torres Categories: Editorials, Movies, Marvel Comics


I’m a huge Wolverine fan.  He is and always will be my favorite X-Man.  So much so, my son’s middle name is Logan.  (That’s everyone’s cue to yell FANBOY at their computer screens.) 

When I first saw Hugh Jackman on-screen as Wolverine, I said to myself YES!  Jackman’s casting as Wolverine ranks as one of the best in Hollywood in relation to super-hero comic book movies.  Christopher Reeve as Superman is by far the all-time best. 

Jackman was great in all three of the X-Men films (yes, I liked X-3.) and I looked forward to a solo Wolverine movie if they were to do one.  Well, next year I get my wish and Marvel.com has posted some stills from the upcoming movie.

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